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My last visit was in 2003 but that was on official business so it shouldn’t count. In 1986 and 2000, I was there. First as a student, the next as a tourist. Most things remained the same, but for the price of West End tickets. As a newbie watching musicals for the first time, I was very lucky to be there when Les Miserables first showed some 3 months before my arrival in 1986. With my student discount, it was a steal watching it and quite frankly, I was beyond awed. I’ve never seen the likes of it till then. I’ve watched it several times since, both in West End and Broadway, and even back in my home country. This Cameron Mackintosh was my new hero. Fast forward 2019. Ticket prices have spiralled. Lowest-priced musicals still hovered from £30 upwards. Some at £200 and up. And I mean really upwards. If you’re aiming to watch only one or 2, sure you can splurge. But not if you’re meaning to watch more. And so, rather than stay longer in London, we moved to stay nearly a week in Amsterdam and then another week in Brussels before heading back to London and onwards for 8 nights in Bath and The Cotswolds. We made many day trips from our chosen city base using trains, buses and vans. This is our Trip Summary from May 19 to June 12, 2019.




Day Trip from London: Stonehenge




DayTrips from Amsterdam


Zaanse Schans

Volendam & Marken

Delft & The Hague



Day Trips from Brussels




Back to UK


The Cotswolds

Day Trip to Cardiff, Wales

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Here is a summary of the day trips I took while based in Madrid last year (2012). Thought it would be easier to check out which blog interests you by giving you this list. Just click away!


Saint Therese of Avila

Segovia: Home of Cochinillo

El Escorial: Not Just Another Gravesite

Valle De Los Caidos: El Hombre Generalissimo Franco

La Segunda Vez En Sevilla

Semana Santa In Cordoba

Eating Around Spain : In Madrid and Elsewhere

An Easy Day Trip to Toledo

Early Start To Valencia, Spain

Do-It-Yourself Trip to Aranjuez


Montserrat in Barcelona

Las Ramblas In Barcelona: What’s All The Hype?

Alcala de Henares: A Pleasant Surprise