It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and I stare brain dead
How that form now spans nearly the length of the bed
Have I missed any of those precious years …….or
Simply ignored how these “babies” grew inches more?

Memories flood my mind like a tsunami
Years nearly forgotten, joy overflowing
Yesterday’s past morphing into my present
Those little ones have grown !

They ask more pointed questions now
My bedtime stories no longer hits
I’ve long stopped humming lullabies
IPods plugged in their tiny ears.

I fetch them from school but wait in the car
I hear their laughter before I see them come
Bags too heavy, hands too dirty
And more than ready to be home in a jiffy.

These are my little travel buddies
And my prayer warriors too
Over scoops of yoghurt and mallows
We live each day with no sorrows.

We thank God for this blessing
Hugs and kisses never ending
For it’s a gift not just to have them
But to have the heart to enjoy them.

More photos here.