Life after 60. Have you planned for it?

When I was way younger, I planned on an early retirement. Like age 45. I was off by just a couple of years. I still don’t feel old but in the next so many years, I plan to embrace senior living with a determined zest for living. And BEYOND STEPS makes me hopeful and excited over this prospect. How? First off, there’s this awesome mentor we simply call EJ. She’d put to shame any younger fitness instructor with her energy. She sings, she dances, she mentors, she encourages, she makes us all feel as awesome!

Our journey from 2 left-feet, awkward, fumbling seniors to last night’s performance was loaded with many fun sessions. Check the video link above. The recital is made more memorable by newly-fostered friendships and a shared enthusiasm and excitement over what we, as a group, can muster and master. All thanks to EJ whose energy and talent radiate and compel us all to give our own uninhibited best!

Beyond Steps is not like any other fitness class. While it is essential to improve physical stamina, BS is really more into cognitive somatic fitness. From EJ herself:

As we mature we suffer a downturn physically and mentally.

Participants, especially Seniors who routinely partake in Physical & Cognitive combined exercises CAN REVERSE the signs of declining years in both brain and body.

Some may refer to it as “cerebral dancing” or simply, “brain gymnastics“. Whatever it’s called, we like how our brain faculties and body movements are stimulated to act in sync. With both body and mind engaged, we responded as our sensei constantly challenged us.

Here’s more from EJ:

“Body and mental stimuli sets the balance for the individual to function daily with ease, comfort and gratification.


Beyond Steps change arm-patterns, footwork formations, speed and rhythms to keep participants to encompass a constant learning process by recalling the routines under the pressure of time without cues from EJ the instructor.”


EJ was quick to point out that:

These extra challenges account for the noticeable difference in balance & self-esteem displayed by participants in the group.


1.  Beyond Steps primarily developed new Mind and Body fitness and wellness  program maximising anti-aging effects on the brain and body.

2.  Beyond Steps combine the aspects of physical activities and mental activities through music and mindfulness.

3.  Beyond Steps syllabus takes into account that- 

ageing memory reacts strongly to physical activities when listening to music, sounds, melodies, rhythms and movement.

4.  Beyond Steps continually sets new, interesting, stimulating challenges for the mind & for the body. 


The KEY to a more independent healthy life means going through this regimen with commitment & regularity.”

Done with our recital (ahem), we are now prepping for EJ’s classes to resume. Don’t miss this chance to join us in Sunshine Place at 56 Jupiter Street, Makati City. And go ahead and bring your friends too. Beyond Steps is one “party” you wouldn’t want to miss!

Care to know more about EJ and our “happy place”? Read on. 🤓

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