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My last visit was in 2003 but that was on official business so it shouldn’t count. In 1986 and 2000, I was there. First as a student, the next as a tourist. Most things remained the same, but for the price of West End tickets. As a newbie watching musicals for the first time, I was very lucky to be there when Les Miserables first showed some 3 months before my arrival in 1986. With my student discount, it was a steal watching it and quite frankly, I was beyond awed. I’ve never seen the likes of it till then. I’ve watched it several times since, both in West End and Broadway, and even back in my home country. This Cameron Mackintosh was my new hero. Fast forward 2019. Ticket prices have spiralled. Lowest-priced musicals still hovered from £30 upwards. Some at £200 and up. And I mean really upwards. If you’re aiming to watch only one or 2, sure you can splurge. But not if you’re meaning to watch more. And so, rather than stay longer in London, we moved to stay nearly a week in Amsterdam and then another week in Brussels before heading back to London and onwards for 8 nights in Bath and The Cotswolds. We made many day trips from our chosen city base using trains, buses and vans. This is our Trip Summary from May 19 to June 12, 2019.




Day Trip from London: Stonehenge




DayTrips from Amsterdam


Zaanse Schans

Volendam & Marken

Delft & The Hague



Day Trips from Brussels




Back to UK


The Cotswolds

Day Trip to Cardiff, Wales

We came here for this wedding. So did the rest of the family and friends. Like six continents represented. Yes, only Antarctica wasn’t represented. It was a gathering of treasured friends over many years. For 2 lovely souls who swiped right and found each other. Destiny happened and we were all called in as witnesses to this ceremony that held so much meaning for everyone.

The weather forecast was WET and COLD. But the warmth from families and friends reuniting for this joyous occasion likely reversed that warning. The sun shone and there was not a drop of rain. It still grew terribly cold towards evening but by that time, everyone has warmed to the epic speeches, enjoyed the cocktails and sumptuous dinner, and later swayed to the beat as the dancing (and more drinking) began. Two nights in a row in this pre-wedding and wedding venue. Even the dog was invited!

This wedding has set the bar for truly meaningful, intimate and elegant weddings. Not just because of an excellent wedding venue and reception. More because of the chemistry among the wedding guests (you’d never guess some were meeting for the first time!), the hilarious and good natured banter between the fathers of the bride and groom, the sweet message from the bride’s mom, the groom’s speech which spoke volumes of love and friendship, and the epic speech of the best man who has known the groom since they were children and who shared many funny anecdotes that drew the most laughs and cheers from everyone.

The Euridge Manor, Chippenham looks out to a vast green field where you’d spot cattle and sheep grazing. Too bad we failed to watch the sunset at 10pm at this time of the year. Too busy watching the newlyweds’ nice moves on the dance floor! Must have been truly breathtaking, especially when viewed from the backyard of the nearby cottage where the bride and her family stayed on the eve of the wedding events. It may have grown quite uncomfortable as the temps dipped, but this is one wedding affair for the books. We do not wish to forget it. To the bride and groom, all our best wishes for a happy life together!