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We’re on a road trip towards the South Coast. First off is Kangaroo Valley which I’ve visited some years back. (Go check the link) The Hampden Bridge is one of its attractions here, being one of only a few suspension bridges around Australia. I remember a lunch in this landmark pub and hotel called the Friendly Inn with 2 grandchildren who have since grown up. What 5 years can do!

We drove towards Lake Conjola which is really one of my favourite destinations whenever I’m in Sydney. Our family would always spend family time here but we only managed 3 of us on this trip as everyone else was busy. The resident kangaroos were too lazy to welcome us, unlike the last time I was here when we found around 30 of them Roos!

The lakeside house bears many happy memories and our stay here adds another. Revisiting the house, the lake, the nearby beach, the boardwalk, or simply walking aimlessly are favourite pastimes here. If one is into fishing, paddle boating, kayaking or swimming, there’s much to do. As for me, I’m quite happy dropping in in this heritage bakery in Milton and taking out some pies to eat in the cottage while having coffee and reading a book.

From Lake Conjola, we had the chance to drop in on nearby beaches and lakes to feed some birds and sea creatures. Upon leaving, we made our way back to Sydney with stops in Berry for a relaxing Oriental lunch at LEAF. Wish the rest of the family was with us but there would be other times, for sure.

Feel free to click on the highlighted links for more photos and details on Lake Conjola and The Heritage Bakery in Milton. Watch this site for blogs on feeding adventures with stingrays, pelicans, Lorikeets and seagulls.

Why not?  Yeah, it’s cold but NOT “sufferingly cold”. And for Cebu Pacific’s basic return fare (Manila-Sydney-Manila) of only PhP13,000, how can you go wrong? Even inclusive of those add-ons (food, baggage allowance, seat assignment, etc), it’s still a steal at US$350 or so! Again, why not? 


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Enjoy, mate!

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This is a sequel to last year’s blog summary (IN AND OUT OF SYDNEY). Some favorite sites were revisited and explored further, and unlike the earlier blog, I’ve thrown in a list of food trips (including some from 2013 archives)  for you to consider. Have a good trip, mate!




Bondi Beach




Day Trips From Sydney


A Weekend in Lake Conjola

PARAGON CAFE: Oldest Cafe in Australia

BERRY As Pitstop On Way to Jervis Bay


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Leura and Katoomba in the Blue Mountains





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The Friendly Inn at Kangaroo Valley

The Friendly Inn at Kangaroo Valley


Food Trips


Leura Gourmet Cafe


Heritage Bakery

NANDO’s Peri Peri Chicken


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WatervieW in Sydney’s Olympic Park


SUSHIRO In North Sydney


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That Famous Robertson Pie


The Friendly Inn @Kangaroo Valley



A Weekend In Lake Conjola

A Weekend In Lake Conjola

Holiday Home In Lake Conjola

Holiday Home In Lake Conjola



It’s a small town with less than 400 people in the region of Ulladulla along the South Coast of New South Wales. We could have reached it in slightly over 2 hours from Sydney but we didn’t fail to drop in on some must-see destinations along the way. We prepared for a chilly weekend of kayaking, beach bumming, picnics, birdwatching or kangaroo-watching. No fishing. Not much time nor patience, I guess.









The first stop was the charming town of Berry. But that deserves a separate blog. So allow me to skip that and instead dwell on beach and lake destinations. The marina in Jervis Bay tells a story. Boats for hire for dolphin-watching adventures. Fishing as a gentleman’s sport. Oysters clustered around rocks. No picnic tables, but grassy grounds inviting a neatly laid-out mat and a basket of goodies. Just wish for sunny spells and clear days, and do mind the birds. If you’re not into fishing nor dolphin watching, beach walking is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon. The youngest member of the family (Latte, the dog) had a blast running around. For lunch, we had a picnic of oysters, roast chicken, shrimps, fries and chips bought from the neighborhood cafe. Still warm from the oven, we munched through lunch and slurped the oysters with glee.








Much hype over the finest, whitest sands in the whole world. And all that hype is supported by such a record in the Guinness Book held by this small town situated on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. I used to say “sugar-fine sand”. The sand here is NOT just that. It is as fine and as white as FLOUR. Yes, flour. Latte seemed invisible in the white sands of Hyams. We were simply too happy to find this beach sans the typical tourist crowds. What a gem! Amazing how this beach has remained under the tourist radar for so long. When we got here, there were only a few couples with rolled-up pants and even fewer swimsuit-clad girls enjoying the sand and surf. I wonder how crowded this place could be in friendlier temps. With the wind blowing and this late in autumn, the sun and sand may not be inviting enough. A romantic stroll just before sunset easily comes to mind. But be sure to wrap up!









As soon as we arrived, I strolled right down to the lip of the lake. So quiet. So tranquil. A lonely dinghy sits by the edge. The setting sun mirrored on the face of the lake. I waited. Twilight is my favorite time of day. I could hear the chirping of the birds nearby. Looking around, I envied the house by the lake edge with a sprawling yard. The owners can literally roll from the staircase towards the lake. Seriously.







The holiday home is just perfect for my family. All of 4 bedrooms and 2 baths plus a cozy living room welcoming guests to prop up their feet to watch movies on the teevee. We claimed our spots, wine glass in hand. And relaxed, while the meat was boiling to render it tender. The aroma perks up our appetite. The wind breezes through the slight opening from the kitchen window. The tender meat is ready. The noodles al dente. The chopped veggies ready to be thrown in. Purrfect……







Before long, we were feasting on hot noodle soups and roasted pork for dinner. We planned on kayaking and just beach bumming the next day. If we are lucky, maybe we’d chance upon a couple of kangaroos. We could have talked on and on, as the children never seemed to tire going up and down the double decker bed. We could have unscrewed another bottle of shiraz but it was a long day. The beds and the warm duvets are waiting to enfold us for some needed Zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s. Holiday people we were 😉







The following day, we drove to the beach area. Too cold for swimming but the more placid and nearby lake made kayaking the younger members’ main event for the day. The novelty and the joy justified having to lug around all those inflatables on the car’s racks. For sure, it was one afternoon those young ones won’t forget. Who cares if they got their butts wet on this chilly afternoon? Who gives a hoot if their arms ached from all that rowing? We watched them as they rowed to the sandbar where pelicans bigger than our family dogs and other birds rested in peace. I watched as I ate chips with sand. The cold wind pulled down the temps just as it threw sand into our bags of nachos and chips. But really, who cares? Truly, LIFE IS A BEACH! (Thank you, Rookie and Vanie for this most wonderful weekend)







Oh, btw, we got lucky. See if you can spot the 2 kangaroos in these photos.