In the Illawara Region of New South Wales lies Kangaroo Valley, just 2 hours drive southwest of Sydney. Hemmed in by towering mountains, we weaved downhill along Moss Vale Road through winding roads to reach this historic township. Welcoming us was this suspension bridge across Kangaroo River named after a former Governor of New South Wales (1895-1899).





The medieval tower style of the bridge complete with turrets is quite an attraction. Throw in the many quaint inns, pubs, cafes, art galleries and boutique shops and it is well worth the 2 hour drive. No wonder it looks like a favorite destination of bikers and day trippers. Parked along the main road, fronting pubs and inns, or behind the cafes are big bikes of varying sizes and makes.






We couldn’t resist checking out the 1890’s-era landmark pub and hotel called The Friendly Inn. Reportedly bought back by its former owner and operated 7 days a week, the simple meals aren’t exactly something you’d blog about. But we enjoyed its backyard which looked more like a picnic ground complete with a play area which our 2 little elves (i love calling my grandchildren that) enjoyed. It certainly helped that we brought our own wine (love the B.Y.O. Drink here in OZ) to enjoy while gazing out into the grassy backyard where a lone helicopter is parked. (Some VIPs must have arrived and we were simply clueless who they were)






If you happen to be in the area, be sure to dine al fresco behind the Inn rather than inside where it is cramped and the furniture looking kind of tired and worn out. Outside is more refreshing as you watch the comings and goings while nursing your drink. Servings are huge, so remember that you can share. And next time, do check who jumped out of that helicopter so you’re in the know! đŸ˜‰