Just 11 kilometers northeast of Sydney’s Central Business District is this slice of paradise. There were ferry rides from Circular Quay but my nephew chose to drive. With 2 kids in tow, that’s a smart move. A car “locks” them in place πŸ˜‰ So you can just imagine all that pent-up energy unlocking and bursting as soon as they stepped out of the car. Thank goodness for all that grassy space!




The City From Across The Bay


Doyles’ Seafood Indulgence!



We unloaded the wine, nuts and chips from the trunk and chose a lovely spot to lay out the picnic mat while my nieces headed towards Doyles before the next ferry unloads a fresh batch of visitors. From where I was seated, I got a picturesque view of the Sydney Harbour. The Bridge is visible on this clear day. Aaahhh….. This is life! I meant to keep an eye on the kids while they ran around, tried climbing a tree, chased the seagulls (one of them birds SNATCHED a chicken nugget off the little boy’s fingers!) and threw off their boots to play by the shore. Well…… call me irresponsible.




A seagull snatched a chicken nugget off his tiny fingers!


What’s the problem, dahling?



Soon, we were feasting on calamari, oysters, chicken nuggets, fish and chips while my nephew took over minding the kids. Indulgence. The line for Doyles takeouts has now spilled out to the street. Aren’t we glad we beat the lines! A quick look at the wine bottle reminded me to nurse my drink. Sun is out. What a lovely day. We need another bottle……




Off they go!




As soon as the kids grew tired playing by the beach, we walked towards the “gap” for an even more spectacular view of the Ocean. Waves pounding against the cliff, a rocky coast, and a great lookout point. I’m told there’s a walkway towards Bondi Beach but I’d leave that to the hikers. This is enough adventure for me. The kids are well-behaved. They’re tired but still cheerful. Now, off to the Gelateria!




Rocky coast in The Gap. Just a short walk from Camp Cove Beach.


Grandma with Xion and Anika . Happiness πŸ™‚