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Back when I was a first time visitor in Madrid, I took my breakfasts in the hotel. Easily, that sets you back 7-10€ daily. I scrimped the second time i visited. Did my groceries and made my own breakfasts. Then the 3rd and 4th time around, I knew better.



Desayuno means breakfast in Spain. Not their most important meal of the day, but just as interesting as it is simple.


Tomá Cafe. Best coffee in town. 5 stars!


While I’m not about to dismiss the Churros y Chocolate in Chocolateria de San Gines, which honestly appeals to me more as midnight or late afternoon snack, I’d like to share some happy breakfast discoveries here. Feel free to click on the link for more photos, details and directions.



Typically, my breakfast here is only 2.50€ for a cup of cafe cortado y bocadillo. This photo shows my breakfast of coffee and roscon de reyes, a typical 3 Kings Day pastry. Costs 3.50€ for this special fare.


A typical desayuno from audrey’s: cafe y empanada.


For best coffee, it’s Tomá Cafe ☕️. Their alfajores is also good on the lips, but feel your hips grow while munching one. Audrey’s Panaderia is just round the corner so it easily became a go-to for bocadillo, croissant and empanada fixes.



Brie con tomate breakfast in Toast Cafe where I was the sole diner. I must be too early?


Cafeteria HD ain’t much to look at from outside, but you’d like the vibe here. I’m told they serve good burgers here.


Spaniards don’t really take breakfasts “seriously”. That works well with me as I do enjoy hearty luncheons. I care about my coffee and would settle for a good molleta con tomaté in Cafeteria HD or brié in Toast Café. Those are typical Spanish fare for desayunos. Other times, I settle for brunch in some mercado where I can stay longer people-watching while downing cups of my favorite black liquid, or while deciding whether to order more tapás. Mercado de San Anton, Mercado de San Miguel, Mercado de la Paz and Mervado de Maravillas come to mind.



Mercado de San Anton. My new favorito.


Mercado de San Miguel, still one of my favorites.


Of course it’s tempting to see those 1€ bocadillos or sandwiches and maybe take a couple “para llevar” to eat in some park or square. But I’d advise you against it only because desayunos can be a happy leisurely affair that hardly costs you. I even found one coffee shop offering 1-1.50€ complete breakfast (Mercado de Provenzal) and another with an extra glass of freshly-squeezed naranja (2.50€) at Cerveceria de Padron. Great deals.



Mercado de la Paz. People-watching or jamon-watching while enjoying your desayuno.


Tempting, yes. Not the best, but really cheap, huh?


Much depends on how you feel first hour in the morning. You either save your appetite for lunch and thus settle for a simple breakfast, or take a full breakfast to energize you for long city walks. Take your pick. Mine varies from very simple, simple, hearty to delightful. The last is when I take the sweet Spanish pastries for breakfast. In Christmas, there were loads of them!



Want to show you a 1€ breakfast of good coffee and a tostada media con tomate.


And here’s a 2.50€ desayuno with a glass of freshly-squeezed naranja. Coffee in a glass.


Dulces de Navidad is how they’re called.  Snack food. But don’t take my word for it. I dropped in on a few pastelerias for breakfast to indulge myself 🍰🍪🍮



Ensaimadas here are not like what we have locally. Tasted more like creme puffs to me. But I love their turrones and their polvorenes con almendras (almonds)!




Or you may simply choose to have your Spanish chocolate con or sin churros after all. There’s Chocolateria de San Gines as I mentioned, or Valor. But I’m also happy with my chocolate from the lovely Estado Puro or Pabellon de Espejos. Your choice, really.



See that smile? Churros con chocolate does that to any child. Valor.


Just 2.50€ for a cup of chocolate here in Estado Puro. You’d love their very spanish interiors here.


I know. Too many choices for a “simple desayuno”. The idea is you’d never find it a problem looking for a breakfast place around Madrid. Cheap too! Most offered below 3€. If you need more “complications” deciding how to spend your waking hours, here’s more. 😉



It’s an ice cream place but I ‘ve tried their coffee here. Another choice for you when you want to jump from desayuno to sinful dessert.



Earlier, I blogged about my ‘food trip’ while spending nearly 3 months based in Madrid, Spain. If you’ve been following my blogs, you won’t be surprised to know that food is an essential part of all my travels. In that earlier blog (Eating Around Spain), I rattled on and on over Spanish paella, cochinillo, boquerones y rabo de toro. I have reminded many of my friends never to miss Mercado de San Miguel near Plaza Mayor which just happened to be one of my “happy places” while in Madrid. Obviously, I have gained more favoritos in my first 2 weeks here and now feel compelled to make these additions.




Best Cocido Madrileño. Only in La Gran Tasca in Calle Santa Engracia near cuatro caminos.



While cocido madrileño is traditionally a winter dish, it is mercifully available yearround, so don’t fret. Try it in what claims to be the best cocido in Madrid. La Gran Tasca Ristorante. You won’t miss it. Just take the metro (2) line and get off at Rios Rosas and walk along Calle Santa engracia towards Cuatro Caminos. It should be on your left side. For more details, just click on the link.




Pricier as it is trendier. Love the anchoas del cantabrico here in mercado de san anton.



Filipino historian and Rizal expert Jaime Marco gave me a “Rizal’s Madrid” tour here, as well as introduced me to such delightful dining places I missed the last few trips. I soooo love Mercado de San Miguel near Plaza Mayor. Love the vibe, even the crowds. But if you really want to eat, claim a stool, leisurely sip your cortado or cafe con leche, and savor quality deli food, go to Mercado de San Anton in the chueca neighborhood just off Gran Via. You’d know what i mean when you get there. For details and directions, just click on this link. Buen Provecho!

Why ever not? Stayed away from my beloved pig for some weeks since Segovia. Time to have that memorable moment to savor before going home to Manila.







Casa Botin or Sobrinos de Botin is in the Guinness Book of Records as the OLDEST RESTAURANT in continuous operation in the world. Established in 1725, its claim to fame is even bolstered by an endorsement from no less than Ernest Hemingway who once said the place serves the best cochinillo. Like Hemingway, many Spanish and Western authors have been lured to this place and actually had the restaurant as setting in their novels.






Be warned though. The place is a tourist trap. Make sure you have reservations. Decide whether you’re having the suckling pig or the suckling lamb. Both are good. And if you’re a party of say 4pax, you can actually share a couple of cochinillo and an order of Cordero. Tell the waiter you are sharing and they’d take care of splitting the 3 orders into 4 platefuls of the coveted meat. Then share a pitcher of sangria or a bottle of house wine. No sense ordering the set menu of €43 per pax when the included dessert is just some dollop of ice cream. And if you’re skipping dessert, you might as well order the morcilla from Burgos for appetizers, if you like.






After your Botin dinner, walk off all that cholesterol to the Mercado de San Miguel for errrrr…… more cholesterol. There’s a bounty of choices here. Nougats or turrones, crema de Catalan, meringues, yogurt, etc. And if by chance you’re able to work up an appetite other than for desserts, visit this TV guy named Senen and check out his tortilla española. Buen Provecho!