Just 42 kilometers and an hour’s drive from Bacolod City is Negros’ very own “Little Baguio” with its cool breeze, mountain vistas and all that space. Don Salvador Benedicto used to be a little-known municipality named to honor a fellow Negrense who was once Vice Governor of the province of Negros Occidental. At 2,495 feet above sea level, this municipality boasts of a lovely mountain range marked by occasional waterfalls. Such unspoilt beauty found in the hinterlands comprising the province’s Northern Territory.

Don Salvador Benedicto. DSB for short. The Summer Capital of. Negros Occidental. In my book, much more than a “Little Baguio”.
Malatan-Og Falls viewed from the Lantawan Viewing Deck in DSB.

Malatan-Og Falls in DSB deserves a closer look. Handicapped with kids in tow, we contented ourselves with a distant view of this natural beauty. Thin as a cigarette from afar, DSB has erected a viewing deck —- appropriately called “Lantawan” which literally means “to see or view” —- for visitors eager to see the Falls. I wouldn’t be surprised to find this same area developed as picnic grounds in the future. Come to think of it though, the entire DSB area may well be your own picnic and camping grounds!


Before long, this Lantawan View Deck will likely transform itself into a picnic ground for visitors.
ALICIA FARMS. A jewel of a place in DSB.

Nestled in the bosom of Don Salavador Benedicto (DSB) is a leisure place called ALICIA FARMS. Play with the resident horse called George, run around with the friendly children of farm hands and their dogs, pick some flowers, set up a hammock between trees, meditate while viewing Mt. Kanlaon and the rest of the mountain range, or set up your tents while lunch or dinner is cooking.



Meet GEORGE, the resident horse.
Your kind of place? Just viewing this photo calms my nerves.

Amidst the empty space stands a hut hemmed in by rows of flowers in vibrant hues. I can only imagine how this place would look like once carpeted with many blooms guarded by trees offering shade. Pitch your tents here, fellas. And savor the silence, stillness, freshness of beauty around you. Soothing to your nerves impaired by the chaos of city living . . . . Definitely good for the soul.



Pitch a tent. Hang your hammocks. Or just put up your legs, read a book or meditate.
Local flowers carpet the grounds around the hut.

Once you’ve fed your soul …….then it’s time to feed your bellies. All that running around with George and the resident dog (what’s his name?) revs up one’s appetite. Next time I visit, I’d bring a bike and ride out those slopes! or maybe not. The flowers are enough to keep me busy. KARI NA SA ALICIA FARMS.  😉



Lunch is served here!
And that’s the barbecue pit. Think CHICKEN INASAL! ! !
Back to smelling the flowers……