It’s only 20 miles from the Vegas Strip. Red rock formations tower over you in this desert park where we found many hikers and rock climbers who can give you a heart attack just by watching them. If Mt. Zion National Park is too far for you (>150 miles), then it’s Red Rock Canyon for you. It’s vast. It’s red. And it’s windy the day we visited. No hiking this time, but we drove around the canyon park.

The other tourists we met look like they had late nights in the Strip. A thought crossed my mind. If they’ve been winning, I don’t think the serious gamblers would break their luck with a visit here 😜 But those who came with their families would have fun time here. There were also serious joggers as we drove around. Not for us though. We arrived noon time and the sun in all its splendour was beaming right down on us, while the wind raffled through our hair.

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Didn’t stay too long here. It was enough to view the red rocks and head back to Vegas as we were all itching for a shower and a quick nap. A few posterity shots and short drive after, we were back on the Strip in the comforts of our hotel.

Las Vegas. So many shows to watch. So many hotels and malls to visit. So many, many ways to entertain ourselves. We watched Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE (Beatles) and enjoyed it. But y’know what I enjoyed next? No, not the buffets. In fact, we didn’t do any buffet. I enjoyed the Vegas Skyline from the hotel room’s balcony. With my feet up, the view from the 56th floor was so relaxing, so peaceful despite a recent tragedy that struck Vegas.

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Last time I was here was with family. The children were still of pre-school age and they’re well into their teens now. Cirque du Soleil was already a hit then, and the dancing fountains of Bellagio were mesmerizing then as it is now.

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I still remember the other hotels, and visited the ones I missed. New hotels replaced the old ones. New restos, new malls. Still pulls a surprise. After all, it is not everyday one experiences this make-believe world. Both children and adults will love it here. Just keep their eyes covered when you meet ladies with overexposed “tops” 🙄