It’s nearly Christmas. And it turns out many urbanites had the same idea for this weekend. With traffic jams in nearly every corner within the metropolis, many Makati residents dared not venture out of the city for a weekend getaway. What’s next best then? A Staycation in Manila Peninsula!







There was a line of urbanites checking in. Can’t blame them. The Pen has always been a place “to chill” within the city. You save a lot on fuel (and time!) staying here. The pool is certainly not of Olympic proportions, but around this time of the year, the poolside is such a pleasant place to read your book, have a drink, and of course to swim. The same pool area and garden can be viewed from 2 of Pen’s dining areas : Spices and Escolta.







While the kids swim, there’s the option to check out the gym or the spa. Or both. This weekend, both are busy. So with the poolside bar. The cool breeze abruptly halted any prolonged stay in the pool. So out of the pool and back to the room. But not without passing the lovely lobby festooned with Christmas decor and a giant Christmas tree. As the band played Christmas carols, I was tempted to stay and order a mango daiquiri. The tea buffet was tempting too. 🙂








I remember bringing my “elves” here when they were toddlers. It was their “park” — only cooler (air conditioned), kid-safer (the 2nd floor area where the band plays is carpeted), and tops in sounds. Always, music from the lobby entertains. And with Christmas in the air, who doesn’t love listening to Christmas carols?