It’s the day after Christmas! But the festive mood is still very much in the air. After all, IT’S STILL CHRISTMAS elsewhere in the world. Greetings here and there, memories of Christmases spent here and there, family gatherings here and there. Thanks for the gift of technology, we were able to celebrate CHRIST-mas with loved ones ONLINE. 👍👍👍







A niece’s photo (first pic) of the neighborhood church I visited daily while living in Madrid brought in nostalgic memories. Such a powerful memory perfectly matching our sentiments this Season. Gratitude. Thank You, Jesus, for the many blessings. We may not be physically together, yet technology didn’t make us feel “separated”. We chatted as we prepared our Christmas dinners. We laughed as we donned our festive hats!






We all had a good laugh seeing how 2 sisters — oceans and thousands of miles apart — managed to don the same, IDENTICAL black dresses for Christmas Eve dinner. Not twins, but twin fashion sense. As I’ve mentioned to my nieces, fashion sense and sartorial preferences are not hereditary, but acquired preferences. Exposure counts. Much. Like my mom’s habit of shopping for 2 pairs of shoes or sandals bearing the same design — in 2 earth colors. Well, looks like we all picked up the same habit! On the other hand, there are families who simply dig vibrant hues and flashy clothes and accessories. Don’t blame the genes. It’s a passed-on lifestyle and fashion sense. Of course, there are some who “break through” — some for the better, others worse off.



Day after Christmas and some of us went back to work. The retired and “on leave” and “on holiday from school” continue to eat Christmas left-overs, review photos and videos, and simply bum round the house. So….. This is Christmas! Love it.