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Don’t drag me to that debate on which is lovelier, more vibrant, more fun between Sydney and Melbourne. Our tour guide in Melbourne started that and don’t ask me why. What’s the fuzz? Both are in Australia, and they’re BOTH lovely. We had our own brand of adventure in both and this piece is a summary of the blogs I’ve posted on Melbourne. Feel free to click on the links (tap the coloured headings) for more details. Share, repost, if you like.





The Great Ocean Road






We booked online via Wildlife Tours. A GroupOn voucher discounted an Au$130-150 tour to only Au$88 for a daytrip starting at 7:30 am, back same day at 9:30pm. Now, before you start saying it’s butt-numbing, do browse through these first 3 blogs. Much adventures in a single day. Def worth every cent and minute of your time! Never mind that it took all of 14 hours. The itinerary is so well-planned with lovely reststops and breaks. Trust me, you’d wish it was longer!







Urban legend or not, I like the story. Or should I say gossip? Now, how many couples would go through an experience like that? Imagine being rescued and airlifted from one of those craggy stone formations because the connecting “bridge” collapsed? Go ahead, click on the link (tap the heading “London Bridge No More) for details.










Sandwiched among the many beach and oceanview pitstops is this rainforest walk and another site to “meet and greet” koalas and some kookaburra and other colorful birds. Perhaps even a kangaroo or two, if it’s your lucky day. Didn’t think much of this at the outset, but now I say it’s the finest way to stretch those atrophied muscles and breathe in some fresh air on a longgggg day.




Cheapest Hop O n, Hop Off Shuttle. Ever!

Cheapest Hop O n, Hop Off Shuttle. Ever!




Can you beat Au$5 for a 90 minute tour on a shuttle bus around Melbourne’s city sights? There’s a long list that will keep you forever hopping off. You can buy your tickets from machines in designated bus stops or you can drop by the Melbourne Visitor Center for a brochure and that Au$5 ticket!




5.  SHRINE OF REMEMBRANCE:  Lest  We Forget!

This is one of the hop-off sites of the red shuttle bus.  You can save it for last once you get on the bus in front of the Visitor Information Center and Saint Paul Cathedral.  A fitting memorial to the gallant men and women who sacrificed limbs and lives in the name of peace.  We visited just a day before ANZAC DAY so we witnessed a lot of preparations for next day’s dawn service.






Or was it 9? Can’t say for sure but definitely missing a few to make 12. Nature must have claimed the 4 Apostles. Does it matter? Naaaaaahhhhh. Them rocks are awesome. Geeesssshhhh, there’s that word again. On this roadtrip, the rocks make a grand show towards the end of the coastal, cliff-hugging drive where each bend promises breathtaking views one after the other. Just as well. It can be butt-numbing, as one may even suspect “boring” having to start as early as 7:30am and back to Melbourne CBD by 9:30pm. But it was a glorious day trip with a well-planned itinerary which combined mid-morning tea and biscuits at the beach, lunch in Apollo Bay, a walk through the Rainforest and meet-greet with the resident koalas (no luck with the kangaroos) and colorful birds, till that final leg of the scenic drive. (The Rainforest Walk was a great addition to the itinerary. Great to stretch those leg muscles and breathe in the cool air under the shade of giant trees. The Koalas and birds are a bonus.)




20140525-095327-35607207.jpg 20140525-095329-35609090.jpg



Even if there were only 8 apostles, you won’t find me complaining. Or whinging, as they call it here in OZ land. The view is only a tad “spoiled” because we had to take shots against the sunlight, but nevertheless awe-inspiring. Wind and water as architects of these natural rock formations dotting the southern coast of the Australian continent. So lovely. We didn’t do the helicopter ride but we certainly didn’t miss out nor feel cheated “settling” for this majestic vista from a promontory which can be reached through a short hike from the bus parking grounds. I’m telling you, by this time of day you’d certainly want to go for that walk. But I must say the heli-ride is great for beating the tourist crowd and getting those superb shots without those heads, shadows and glare. It will cost you though 😉 but hey, if you can afford it, GO!



20140525-095557-35757667.jpg 20140525-095601-35761749.jpg 20140525-095554-35754687.jpg



Now, don’t even think the panoramic views will leave you beach-fatigued throughout the 150-mile Great Ocean Road. While I’m one who doesn’t grow tired of ocean vistas, I swear there are marked variations. Initially, the rough-hewn rocky coastline reminded me of our scenic drive along the Great Pacific Highway (from LA to San Francisco, California). Then the winding cliff-hugging drive and surf transported me back to my memorable Garden Route drive in Capetown, South Africa. Combine these 2 and throw in those apostles (12 or 8, who cares?) and voila! Truly, GREAT precedes this OCEAN ROAD. This is the highlight of our trip to Melbourne and for those visiting, I would venture to suggest staying overnight to break this 14-hour roadtrip southwest of Melbourne. That, plus the likelihood of shooting the Apostles at dusk or break of dawn. Now, tell me about that!



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