No, it is not a barrio in Cavite City.   It is a “hole in the wall”  that is better than a carinderia but at slightly higher than carinderia prices.  Don’t we just love that combination? 

It’s been awhile since I last visited Cavite City.  The new coastal highway made travel such a bliss.  In under an hour, more like 40 minutes, we were there.  We drove along the coast and watched the Manila Skyline fade as we reached our destination. The view would have been perfect, passing Island Cove in Binakayan and fisherfolks on bancas fishing their luck from the Bay. Until you pass shanties, and more shanties, lining the coast.  Somehow I get this feeling that shanty towns will sprout here and there along this coastal highway and block what would otherwise be a perfect place to view sunrise or sunset.

Upon arrival, as always,  there is the problem of where to eat without banging the door of some relative in this city across Manila Bay. It is also just as well that Asao is hard to miss as it is located right along the Main Road of Cavite City just before the Ladislao Diwa Elementary School.

Asao has no pretentions.  Just 5 or 6 small tables.  A menu which has passed so many hands and direly in need of replacement.  The laminated piece of paper lists some of our favorites, like some of the foodstuff we grew up with. Pancit Puso is your typical pancit but topped with chicharon, kilawing puso (yes, vinegary) and “kulao” which is what they call the “tokwa’t baboy” .  They also have Pancit Palabok — so cheap for the same price of P50 a plate. 

Pancit Puso: Pancit with Kilawing Puso Topping!

Kulao is like "Tokwa't Baboy" but better!!!

We thought we’d take out a couple of meals.  When the bill came, we were pleasantly surprised.  It was sooo cheap. With 4 of us dining there, and takeouts for 2 meals,  we paid like only P100 per pax. (Good thing we didn’t order any soup, which for some reason is priced at P120 a bowl!)


Pancit Palabok for P50? How can you go wrong?

A Bad Shot of Lechon Paksiw (but trust me, it tastes really good)

Now, this is my kind of restaurant.  Nowhere else can I find my Pancit Puso but here in Cavite City’s few eateries.  No way you’d go wrong with P50 an order of this Caviteno pancit puso in Asao.  Or the Pancit Palabok.  One of us ordered the Binalot which is rice with adobo wrapped in banana leaf.  Not bad he says. Now, you know where to eat if you happen to be in this area. 

The Flip (and pricier?) Side of the Laminated Menu