If you are a sucker for hotel pleasures, you can forget the ***** prime hotels and check out the boutique hotels in and around the city. We have tried the 5 star hotels on those occasions when we wanted to celebrate. But this is the first time we tried a boutique hotel.  And we’re not even celebrating any special occasion.  The fact that it is just a few blocks away from home made us feel like we were on a “staycation” with absolutely nothing on the agenda but to enjoy a lovely room and savor “dining in” .



HOTEL CELESTE. Pasay Road Corner Makati Avenue.



Hotel Celeste is right at the corner of Pasay Road (now Arnaiz Road)  and Makati Avenue near one of the entrance gates to San Lorenzo Village. The lobby is small, but not cramped. First off, I noticed how well-appointed the interiors are. From the lobby is the hotel’s dining outlet – Celi’s – where the decor adds much to one’s dining experience. Dined there at least twice and found the food superb without burning a hole in my pocket! Those raring to discover new dating venues, this is it.




They even have set meals for P550-650 per pax which includes appetizer, soup or salad, entree, dessert.

Impress your date!



I am told that the owner of Hotel Celeste personally supervised the interior decor of this boutique hotel. The furniture are all custom-built to her tastes. Her passion, her taste, her class is all over the place. The Lobby. The Bistro. Each of the lovely rooms. So elegant, without being stuffy.  



Suite 407

No 2 Rooms Are The Same. I should know, as we checked most rooms before deciding on one.

Now........this bath tub looks pretty neat!



No two rooms are the same. The attention to details is very evident.  From the lamps, the chandeliers, the bedlinen, the appointments, even the bath tubs.   I wouldn’t mind spending a weekend here!



Hotel Celeste.  The new dating venue. Lovely. Charmingly Quiet. Romantic. Classy.



This is not a sponsored blog. Just ramblings from a satisfied customer. 🙂



Such attention to details!