Midmorning and we’re on the road towards the capital. Canberra is the country’s capital and while this is my 3rd visit to Australia, it’s my first to Canberra. Like many, I am curious why Australia chose Canberra as its capital over either Sydney or Melbourne. Perhaps there is a grain of truth to the claim that Canberra is a good “compromise”? To be honest, I am biased in favor of Sydney but then again, that wouldn’t be fair to Melbourne. I visited the latter only once, and must confess the weather then prevented me from exploring and enjoying Melbourne more.








It could have been one uneventful drive, but for one accidental detour more than hour after setting off. Goulburn’s Merino greets visitors who venture out of the freeway to drop in at what’s claimed to be the best bakery to be found in New South Wales. Well, at least the billboard on Sowerby Street said it was the best in 2008. No clues what happened in 2009 onwards. But the sizable crowd inside as well as the parked vehicles outside are obvious hints they run a good place here.








And who’s Trapper? Owner’s name is Keith Tapper, and a painting of the man who started this successful business hangs on one of the walls. The popular bakery has the usual offering of breads, pies and sinful-looking rolls. I spotted an open fireplace off a corner where a group of “seniors” seem to be enjoying a skillet of bacon strips and eggs paired with some goodlooking breads. Outside by the porch is a pack of “wild hogs” aka matured men off their big bikes, some donned in their leather jacket and pants regalia. 🙂







If I didn’t have too much coffee at home, and knowing we’re just another hour’s drive from Canberra, I would have bought coffee to take away. Now, I couldn’t tell you guys if coffee’s good in this place. But hey, the aroma of freshly-baked bread and meat pies make it an ideal pitstop. Ideally located beside the giant Merino and a gasoline station, you may even wish to stretch those legs to view some goodlooking churches around the corner. As the now familiar OZ reminder on billboards say….. “Stop, Revive, Survive!” Now, back on the road. To Canberra!