Bustling with ferry-riding crowds, daytrippers and street buskers, Circular Quay was typically busy the day we visited Manly Beach. Off the train and into the quay, we quickly purchased our ferry tickets while snapping photos of the iconic harbour bridge. A fine example of civil engineering, it only happens to be the world’s 6th longest spanning arch bridge.



Circular Quay. 10am.
They were there back in 1999. Then 2004. Now 2013.

I remember the ferry rides I took the last 2 trips I made to Sydney. Ferry rides are adventures by themselves. The breeze and the scenic views highlight my moments with my trusty, resurrected Canon cam. Letting the winds slap on my face and mess up my hair, I marvelled at how the Sydney Opera House can still hold one’s attention after all these years, and many cam shots. Zooming into the top of the bridge, I felt jealous I wasn’t with this small group hiking towards the top. Must be quite an exhilirating moment as one nears the top, enjoying a 360 degree view of the harbour.


Quite an architectural wonder. Iconic.
Brave souls scaling the Sydney Harbour Bridge on this windy morning.

The 7 mile journey has been navigated since 1855, but there are now driving options to reach Manly Beach. But I still think it’s best to take one of many regular ferry rides getting here. The Manly Wharf alone has metamorphosed into a lovely food and wine pitstop just before negotiating the 9mile walk along the water edge. Either that or you can cross over from the wharf towards the Corso where you’d find a variety of shops and dining places.



Pretty wharf with many dining choices on a broad price range.
Lovely walkway by the beach, complete with benches, picnic tables and distilled water stations!

Here’s a tip. Once you get here, decide on your lunch place right away to beat the lunch crowds. The kids can be “deposited” in the Manly Aquarium while the adults can while away the time in the airconditioned Museum just right aross the marine sanctuary. Those seeking adventures may choose to do the 9 mile walk, OR if you want to combine exercise with retail therapy, head for the Corso and check out the shops along the way. In my case, I went for the walk. Alone. Needed some ME time. Plus the exercise. 😉



The Aquarium is a good option if you have kids with you.
Don’t you just love this view?

Truly, Sydney’s parks, boardwalks, biking and jogging pathways leave you impressed.  They even have distilled water stations! I felt safe walking alone, and took liberty with the many benches lining the water edge. The few joggers passed by but not without saying hello. My solitude was only broken whenever I hear the ferry approaching or leaving the wharf. C’est la vie! I can live here 😉



Just a 30 minute ride, packed with scenic views!
The Sydney Opera House. Dusk.

Thank you, Reia, for bringing us here!



Those boys look happy!
Thank you, Reia!

Circular Quay. 7pm.