We signed up with Bikini Island Club for dolphin-watching, fish feeding, snorkelling and a visit to the Bikini Island which is really a sandbar right in the middle of the sea that becomes an island at low tide. At the time we visited, the tide wasn’t low enough to reveal the island but we had fun walking around and checking out the swing and hut. Our guide John Oh (yes, he’s Korean but claims to be 1/3 Chamorro) pointed out the sandbar while he tied our boat, reminding only of the slightest safety tips. Bikini Island is only a few swim laps for the pros to nearby Cocos Island, and is the highlight of this adventure trip. We saw no dolphins but found some turtles and John fed the fish as we went snorkelling around the boat.

Sailing Towards Bikini Island.
If those waters are a meter lower, you’d find us seated on a swing.

It would have been fun to see dolphins but I say driving the boat (without a license) is more fun. My niece took 2 turns to manoeuvre the boat and John was very accommodating. On our return trip, we were just so sapped of energy that we hardly noticed the bumpy ride and the sweltering heat. By the time we got back, we were eager to hit the showers and change into dry clothes. Frankly, I envy the young ones who can do another hour of jet skiing — and in that heat! The day’s clients were mostly Koreans and Japanese. The rates are pricier than what we’d find back home, but for these Japanese and Koreans, they must be cheaper.

Each one of us claimed the captain’s seat.

Guam is such a tiny island and the island life hits you in an instant as does the tropical clime. Laid back and relaxing. If you’re not out driving around to check out war memorial parks, old forts and other war monuments and shrines, you’re likely shopping or waiting for the breathtaking sunsets. The more adventurous ones will hit the beach and engage in the typical water sports. Bikini Island easily lands in any one’s list. Whatever you do, make sure you slather tons of sunblock. The heat is intense!