In less than an hour, we drove from Ljubljana to Lake Bled. The weather forecast wasn’t at all encouraging, but we reached Bled Castle with light showers not enough to dampen our spirits nor our enthusiasm. We hit the stairs towards the Castle, took our shots, browsed through the Museum and savoured our hot bev with that famous Slovenian cream cake from Lake Bled. Quite honestly, I thought it must be some overhyped national dessert but I actually enjoyed this local semi-sweet and creamy treat. Was it the best cream cake we had? Am not sure but it certainly passed the test: creamy enough that it sways when shaken, crispy enough that it crunches and pops once you stick your fork into the cake.

That Famous Slovenian Cream Cake from Lake Bled

The Church of the Assumption as viewed from the Bled Castle

Perched on top of a cliff is a castle that has sat there for over a thousand years. There are many photo spots around the Medieval Castle. We took as many each step of the way as we climbed up this oldest Slovenian Castle. Though it’s 130 meters above the lake, our van drove up to a point, leaving us to struggle up a steep path just for a few more meters from the castle’s drawbridge to the top of the precipice. Of course, the shots got better the higher you go. By the time we reached the highest level, I was ready to delete my earlier lakeview shots. While it grew cloudier and actually started to rain, the calm and turquoise waters of the lake remained. Frankly speaking, I dare say the view of Bled Island is better from the cliff than from the Lake. Very picturesque with the lake looking quite glacial. When it poured, we took our time in the Museum before deciding to leave. There is a chapel too within the Castle, 2 courtyards, a wine cellar and a very interesting cafe. My straw hat was soaking wet by the time we reached our van waiting at the parking area.

At a certain point, I’ve stopped snapping photos. The tranquil waters (despite a thunderstorm) makes one relish the scenery – the lake, the island, the Church, the Castle, the lovely Slovenian Alps providing a majestic setting and background. All these make it a worthwhile trip despite the inclement weather and the horrendous traffic. The photos here don’t do justice to its beauty nor this post add value to many blogs earlier written on Bled. But some things need to be said. And some cream cakes tried 🤣 and shared.

📸 Gizelle J.