And so, the week breezed by. As I’ve mentioned before, what matters more is the company but the destination helps. On a whim, I flew to Vienna to join up with friends who snagged a promo deal for a flight to Vienna. I meant to just stay a night in Vienna but join them going to Budapest and Bratislava which I’ve long wanted to visit. I also intended to stay behind to enjoy Bratislava a bit more. I blogged within 24 hours of each visit — daily — and uploaded each blog for programmed posting on my FB page. My blogs got published as scheduled meanwhile that I had issues and lost access to the site. (All resolved now; thank God!) I did away with my camera and simply took shots with my iPhone. Free and easy, as can be. Everything conveniently worked out, despite the blistering sun and the rains on the last day. From the free concerts, to easy bus and train rides, to wonderful meals, good hotel locations, walking tours 👣, fresh markets, complimentary beers 🍺 and wine 🍷, and loads of laughter. Swell 😊

Seven nights. Eight days. Nine blogs. Quite a trip. Truly enjoyed …. sometimes, the unplanned ones are enjoyed best simply because there aren’t too many expectations. We went along just thinking we’d have a good time, albeit short, and let the universe conspire to give us exactly that: a really, good time. Beers and vino enjoyed. Food trips. Dozing off on a Danube cruise. A hike up to a promontory to view the Danube collide with the Morava River. Many sit-outs to people-watch, book left unread on the table. Travel journals crafted on an iPhone. Here’s the blog summary. Just click on the link. 👌


Buda of Budapest

Pest of Budapest

Sad Symbols from Budapest

Dining in Budapest

First Time In Bratislava

The Ruins of Devin Castle

Alone in Bratislava

What We Ate in Bratislava

I travel light. I think the most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life, wherever you are.

——-Diane von Furstenberg