No, I am not talking about Tom Cruise’s latest MIS. I’m talking about our group of 18+1 in Maroc. All of 18 flying in from Manila via Abu Dhabi, plus one based in Casablanca who booked all our tours, vans, hotels, restaurants and quite simply, everything. Including shopping. We can’t thank you enough, Lulu! 

Just before this trip, I was so looking forward to 3 things: Dinners in Rick’s Cafe and some riads, the medina in Marrakech, and a night in a bivouac in the Sahara with sunset and sunrise as bonuses. Yes, I confess visiting mosques and mausoleums don’t excite me. Certainly not in the same breadth as the experience to be gained visiting souks, dining, or sleeping in a desert camp. Let’s just say I’m more into interactive experiences and natural landscapes. 

This is how we spent our time in exotic Morocco. 

Arrival In Casablanca

Dining In Rick’s Cafe

Visiting The Dead In Rabat

Come Weeth Me To Zee Kasbah

Meknes Surprises!



Fes to Merzouga Roadtrip

Sahara Desert Adventures

From The Gorges of Todra to Lawrence of Arabia



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