“Frame your mind to mirth and merriment which bars a thousand harms and lengthens life.” – William Shakespeare






I traveled with a merry group and the holiday ain’t complete without remembering all the hearty laughs we’ve shared throughout the journey. It helps that many of us have been travel buddies of some sort, and just pulled in a few more friends and family members. A few I traveled with only 2 months earlier, just giving ourselves enough time to “miss each other”.









“A cheerful heart is good medicine” , so says the good Book. And this travel group is having a party! Just watch them take turns taking group photos. Oh, my Lord! There’s got to be a law banning taking the same shots with the same group in the same place WITH 10 DIFFERENT CAMERAS. Yet all with good cheer, till our facial muscles athropied into a semi-permanent smile.









Who says only the young can have fun? That only the fit and healthy have the energy? We defied all rules. We slipped, our bellies gave us problems, a couple of temper outbursts (both mine), sore throats and mild fevers, gout was freely discussed like it’s an everyday issue, and temporary memory loss became the order of the day. In no time, we were just simply looking out for each other. How good is that?









Food and shopping occupied the minds of many. Plus many good shots here and there as souvenirs of the trip. Ancient history twisted our minds and tongues so that each pagoda came to be “Shwe” something. We stayed in good hotels but hardly found the time to really enjoy them because of our hectic schedules. Flying from place to place took its toll, and it’s a miracle we had energy left at day’s end to take pleasure at each sunset. Our joie de vivre never waned nor faded.












A holiday can be a nightmare, or a total disaster. Flights can get cancelled or terribly delayed, hotel bookings undone, itineraries messed up, weather not cooperating, expectations unmet. One’s best bet is one’s travel group. Nothing is worse than putting up with an arrogant fool, a racist, an “aromatic” companion, a perennially tardy fellow in the group, an insensitive boor. The only thing that went unhinged is our IQ’s slipping with each passing, tiring day. No Matata —- the Tropang Mapurol survived the journey! 😄