“All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.” – Samuel Johnson


The Man and His Camel


The Many Bright Colors of Indian Fabrics

India is a progressive country, yielding so many young billionaires like it’s in fashion! I saw the riches, glamour and the princely pleasures of the majaranas and maharajas in their past echoing into their current life situation, as well as the poverty and chaos to be found in the rural villages and narrow alleys of the cities.


Diwali “flowers” Sold Along Major Streets


A Bullock Cart Ride Across A Rural Village near Bijay Niwas

Twilight Zone it seemed as one is transported from the comforts of a former royal manor to a rural village where cow dung is held sacred. Or being whizzed through narrow alleys past stalls selling nearly anything from candied sweets to multi-colored grains and spices, to fabrics glowing with gemstones to carpets sold as cost overruns and rejects from fashionable name stores in Paris and Milan. Truly, a sensory overload and I have not even begun to describe our actual experience.


Street Photography

Parasols In Lovely Colors

Parasols In Lovely Colors

Photographers would have a blast capturing human interest shots here. Indian women are so beautiful, so exotic-looking, especially with their colorful sarees. The wide-eyed children with curly locks aren’t camera-shy and would even prod you to photograph them. What’s best is many locals love having their photos with tourists like us. Many times I evaded the cam thinking I’m photobombing —- only for the locals to ask me to stay put and pose with them. Incredible Indians!



The markets here extend way over the main roads, sometimes spilling right in front of temple gates or along fortress walls. Camel and donkey carts, along with the occasional elephant, compete with rickshaws and tuktuks for attention. Haggling is an art, as ancient as the forts and palaces. I didn’t observe any zoning system, finding mansions side by side with shanties. There is absolutely no pretense to hide the bad, the ugly, the dirty. The stark and naked truth either shocks or charms you. Either way it hits you, India is truly incredible to the core.