The bridge from a hotel window. Sunrise. On a clear sunny day. Late night. How good is that?


Harbour Bridge at 6am


Harbour Bridge at 11am


Harbour Bridge at 12mn

We booked a room at Harbourview Hotel in North Sydney and the hotel truly lives up to its name. I stared in awe at that lovely vista different hours of the day. At night, I noticed the lights were on way past midnight. The view is worth every cent of the hotel room rate.



Room With A View


The Hotel

What makes it even great is that the hotel is just a couple of hundred meters away from the metro and a skip and a hop from Sushiro Gourmet Fusion Restaurant where I had a delicious lunch with my elves. The dining place opens at 11:30am but we were there as early as 11am. We waited while we decided on lunch.


Sushiro Japanese Fusion Resto


Nice Touch.

We picked sashimi and sushi from the belt which weaved around the bar. We ordered from the menu too and also indulged in our fav green tea ice cream. Then off on a train ride back to the city. Voila!






Green Tea Ice Cream