We had near-perfect weather when we visited recently, yet we still rocked and rolled on that falowa boat ride to Sabtang. We were up at 2:30am to be at the Domestic Airport by 3:30am for our SkyJet flight at 5:30am. We were a group of 35 chatty, giggling peeps on board 2 long jeepneys driving around Batan Island, one of 3 inhabited islands of the 10 in this smallest and northernmost island province of the Philippines. We were tired, sleep-deprived, and my CANON G12 camera went bust here after being my loyal companion for many past trips. Some of us lost a scarf, missed a cellphone, dropped a hat. YET we have not had a nega-moment during this wonderful trip.




Aerial View of Batan Island Before SkyJet Landing




I may have felt like a zombie the morning we arrived in the lovely airport terminal of Basco, Batanes, but I wasn’t so zonked out to remember this is Batanes and NOT Capetown nor the rolling hills in Yorkshire. Certainly looks like Bronte country that I instantly remembered that most compelling character Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights fame. But I digress.



BATANES IS BEAUTIFUL. Rustic, serene, utterly divine. A typhoon may spoil a holiday and a ride over the choppy waters where Pacific Ocean meets the West Philippine Sea may give you nightmares —- but in my book, this place has no equal within the country. I want to kick myself why I waited this long. I could have made better jump shots on that hill, stood dangerously by the cliff edge and perhaps even tested the cold ocean waters even if I didn’t know how to swim. The passion is still there, but the energy mimics the state of my G12 cam. 😦




Rolling Hills


Mother and Child. Or Mama Cow and Calf? Near Fundacion Pacita in Batan Island, Batanes.



Many photo safaris have been conducted here. I can understand why. It’s a chore NOT to take good photographs here in Batanes. Our group included professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. When my Canon G12 conked out, I made do with my iPad mini and iPhone. Saved the day for me. And while my photos pale in comparison with Mon’s (yes, you Mon!), I am happy. After all, Mon (yes, it’s you again) and Chikie (yes, you dear) made sure I have my jump shots souvenirs! Ahem. Ahem. 😉



Poles Lining the Rolling Hills


Ivana Port.



(There’s more to write about. But I’m on my 3rd attempt writing this post. For some reason, I lose the draft midway through the blog. Don’t ask me why. It took 3 attempts before I gave up. It’s hard to write in all candor, only to “repeat” the same narrative with fading emotions battling with impatience. My apologies. I need a break. Watch this page. Sequels out soon. )