In an earlier blog, I shared our latest discovery. The Collective. Hip, Twisted, Quirky. In this complex located in Malugay Street in Makati, we found a number of food establishments lining the graffiti-filled walls. My “elves” took turns having their photos amidst all that art painted on walls.








When we first visited, my “elves” extracted a promise from me to head back to dine in this complex. They had their eyes set on Wabi-Sabi. Obviously a play on the words “Wasabi” and “Wala akong masabi”. The elves didn’t have long to wait. In a week’s time, we were back.







The tiny place had only about 5 tables. Menu spelled out on blackboards hanging above the counters and printed on hard paper much like many Japanese eateries. But it wasn’t at all ALL JAPANESE. For noodle soups, there’s a choice between Vietnamese Phô and Japanese Shoyu Ramen. Or one can choose the simple clear Miso soup. Vegetarians would love it here. The mushroom siomai was so good we had seconds. Then there’s the cuapao and 2 kinds of siopao. My elves claim the Milk Tea is sooo good. I was quite content with my Lemon Grass tea as well. Now, you’d likely wonder. Is this a food blog without the food photos? Well…….mi apologia. Those kids were quick to the draw! No chance to snap photos! 😄