“A place where the sea makes noise.” That’s what the aboriginal word “KIAMA” means. Yet what we found was a quiet, calm, serene little town with a lovely strip of quaint little shops, galleries and cafes with walkways along the coast.







So, where’s all the “noise”? Right beside the over-a-century year old Kiama Lighthouse (1888) is where the sea makes noise. That is if you’re lucky and/or has the patience to wait. My niece has been here before and was pleasantly surprised to have the “blowhole” making a grand show of regular sprays from the crack. It was “lazy” the last visit, she said.





The rainbow lingered after each spray on this sunny day…. the winds pushing the waters to gush out at frequent intervals. The little ones with us enjoyed the show as much as we did. Just as I delighted on my first lighthouse visit just 120 kilometers down south from Sydney.





At the end of a tree-lined walkway is a Rock Pool. I can just imagine summers here. Swimming or walking or biking, this is such a pleasant place to be in. Kiama has some dining options too — not too many nor much variety, but there is a quiet, relaxing vibe in these tiny cafes.





Make sure to come by for a good stroll, a late lunch and perhaps another walk. Enjoy the vibe!