The early fog had lifted and the sun’s rays streamed through like the curtains falling between acts of a play. We pulled ourselves out of the duvet folds to prep for whale cruising. From the Hyatt Regency Oubaii Hotel in George, we rode the coach giddy with excitement for our first-ever Ocean Safari Premium Cruise.






The sun played hide and seek behind wooly grey clouds. The seas not as calm as we would have wanted for our close encounters with the whales. We proceeded to some craft shopping at Knysna Quays to while away the time, still hoping we can do our whaling adventure. As it turned out, we weren’t in luck. Sad. Very sad. Of course, it’s best safe than sorry but still…..  a major, major letdown. Now there’s good excuse for a next visit. Hmmmm.







And so, it was the Bird Sanctuary instead for this otherwise exciting day. I’m no bird enthusiast. I would have uncomplainingly gone back to the hotel instead and reminisced over our trip to Boulders Beach back in Capetown where we met the penguins up close.







Or perhaps gone back to this rocky place with fantastic ocean views. Truly, South Africa is blessed with so many natural wonders that leave one with this gnawing feeling that this trip just can’t be your last. I only pray that next visit, the weather condition would be perfect for that much-coveted whale adventure.  






So yes, there is always that next visit.  With that prayer came this plea that we won’t be deprived of more adventures when we do the safari drives. Did we get lucky? You bet Lady Luck shone on us. We may have missed the whales, but the safari drives made up for it!  Woo hoo!