Day 2 in Madrid. No jet lag. Perfect weather. A tad cloudy but not so cold. Hotel wifi sucks. Books to read. Need a perfect spot somewhere quiet. But not before a good stroll cum exercise around Plaza Mayor.






Kilometro O….. No Tio Pepe signage in sight. Instead,  I found mimes and Disney characters within the Puerta del Sol.






Walking along Calle Mayor, I smiled when I spotted Museo de Jamon as I remembered a lunch here with my nephew and dear friends some 10 years ago. Also, searching and finding Chocolateria de San Gines  brings cheer. Churros con chocolate never fails!






Another discovery off Calle Mayor is Mercado de San Miguel. (Soon my fav place here in Madrid) This place was teeming with Señors y Señoras having their late lunch here. Food porn to the max. Had lunch on my feet as I moved from stall to stall! Ohhh, those croquettes were sooooo delicious!







Finding my way back to Plaza Mayor, I took photos and videos of lovely Spanish children with their kindergarten teachers. How delightful to just watch them laughing and pushing each other!








From Sol, I took the Metro to pass the remainder of the afternoon and early evening in Retiro Park. Found a bench where I read my book with music provided by these street artists.







What a 2nd day well-spent! Back in the hotel, I reviewed the photos and was pleasantly surprised (and envious?) to find a lovely gay couple in this photo. Not intentional. But there. Don’t you love it?