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Beyond the Walkway. Beyond the Sea. I’ve decided to join the Weekly Photo Challenge and eagerly await each week’s theme. This amateur has resisted in the past, thinking this is for pros. But then, this challenge is so inspiring and potentially a good system to update one’s blog.







Beyond Sunset is Twilight. Sunsets are awesome. Twilights are magical.






Landscapes. Seascapes. Skyscapes?







Beyond the savanna. What lurks beyond?







This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond.

Aside from “Travel Blog“, I also maintain a “personal blog” site in WordPress. Lifeisacelebration has surpassed the 100,000 views in 2012 even if I dare not call it a travel blog. Lifeisacelebration chronicles my travels, my food adventures, and…… my musings and ramblings. There is more “writing” in “TravelBlog” while I simply just blah-blah’ed my way through wordpress. These 2 sites are my stress-busters. Truly, writing provides solace. I’m a writer, not in the professional sense, but I simply write a lot. I write when I’m overflowing with joy. I write when struggling out of affliction.




Photo Credit: WordPress


Another Photo from WordPress



I found it interesting that my most viewed blogs involved domestic destinations I visited even before 2012. I guess readers want to read Filipinos writing about the Philippines. And found these Philippine travel blogs more interesting than my 2012 trips to Spain, South Africa and Zambia. I was a prolific writer while living in Madrid. Over 40 blogs in nearly 3 months. I struck off African Safari from my bucket list and learned how awfully and totally wrong I was about Zambia. Yet….. Readers chose to read more my Ilocos posts — especially the one on Grandpa’s Inn in Vigan, Ilocos Sur — and that most controversial blog about a “collection of heritage houses and structures” in Bagac, Bataan.




Grandpa’s Inn in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Just a few steps from Calle Crisologo and Syquia Mansion.


Love those Calesa Beds!



I lament that our government does not take heritage preservation more seriously and consequently, take on the responsibility of funding restoration and preservation work. Funding is really, really essential. As I wrote in reply to a comment on my blog on “Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar” .


“I really hope something’s done about how best to preserve historical treasures. Either via legislation or a simple act of funding to take care of restoration work. It isn’t cheap and I can only sympathize with the owners that they’re unable to preserve the places for fellow Filipinos like you and I to appreciate. Mockery or not, money/funding is essential. That’s WHAT we should figure out to do so these owners don’t sell out to the likes of Acuzar.


We can rant all we want, but I’m too old for any hostility. We all love the same country. Cheers!”




Las Casas de Filipinas de Acuzar. Taken way before the place opened to the public.


Photo Credit: Romy Ramirez.


A Collector’s Dream, indeed!



Two of my blogs attracted controversy. Well, sort of, judging by the “hits” registered. The other blog is about the whale sharks of Donsol, Sorsogon. Some readers may have “generalized” ALL whale shark-watching adventure as contrary to animal and wildlife care and preservation.  I was “harassed” by some wildlife conservation enthusiasts for even blogging about this.  True, the one in Oslob, Cebu demands attention and outright condemnation, but this one in Donsol is way different and altogether more responsible!  Even WWF wrote a piece about it.




That’s Randy, our Butanding Whisperer in Donsol, Sorsogon.


Photo from WordPress. Only my Philippine blogs topped the list!



Thus, I want to do more Philippine destinations this year. I have yet to trek Mount Pinatubo and brave the boat ride in the Batanes Islands. I must confess though that I hardly write for my readers. Please do not take offense. I honestly write to express myself, much like writing in one’s diary. That explains why I hardly give directions and expense accounts, etc in my blogs. When I give details on directions, history and other specifics, I confess it is more to store some data lest I forget how I got somewhere, what places I visited, what foods I enjoyed and what historical footnotes I wish to remember. But that is not to say I am not flattered by the stats and more importantly by the comments you took time to send. Being read by others from 142 countries give you a “high” and I appreciate them all. For all these, i only have this to say. Thank you.




Not enough views, really. But hey, I wasn’t expecting this. Salamat!


Alright. I’m no Jessica Parker. Nor a Julia Roberts. I don’t really agonize over my blogs. Once I get started, I just simply write away. Writing from the heart is like writing on one’s diary. Something I’ve been doing since I learned how to write! At the time, I would just DRAW on the diaries my mom gifted me with.