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Whenever I find Nat Geo-type photos, I turn green with envy. But pragmatic me insists I should be content with my Point & Shoot Cam. Many times too, I shoot with my trusty iPhone 4S. The light P&S wins over the desired DLSR, always. Non-pro that I am, I should be alright with these “light” gadgets.



Many are enchanted with sunrise and sunset photos. I think twilight photos are lovelier, but that’s a matter of opinion. I am also fascinated with cloud formations.



Perhaps that explains why a rainy, cloudy day or an overcast sky would never deter me from seeking adventures. I was in these places when a strong typhoon hit: Taiwan, Boracay, Palawan. Yet I had the most amazing time. Yes, even when we were “marooned” in Boracay at the height of “Sendong”.



Who doesn’t want to see a rainbow? Cast against mighty falls, over a mountain cliff, or across vineyards?



No tripods for me. The scenes can do with a little shake. I just pause, snap and go!



My Canon G12 packs well in my handbag! Have you read my earlier blog on my non-DSLR cam-toting travels around the country? Well, the same P&S traveled with me and i adore it!




The lovely temple in Punakha, Bhutan housing over 600 monks and where 2 rivers merge and then flow as one.


Parque Maria Luisa in Sevilla, Spain



Even if I wanted to, I can’t hold a heavy cam well. No worries. My Canon G12 suits me well. And hey, this is not a paid advert. Just happy with my P & S. I don’t even need to lug it inside a backpack. My small handbag will do. When in a crowded place, I hang it around my neck and zip up my jacket to hide it….. Only to bring it out for a few seconds to snap a shot. I call it “no frills” photography. 🙂




Ton Le Sap Lake filled with water……..emptying out as Siem Reap’s dry season approaches.


Imagine Lara Croft lurking somewhere here in Ta Phrom, Siem Reap, Cambodia



Neither is it a demanding camera. It thinks on its own. I have experimented with the settings but really, it is simply a memory catcher for me. Memories captured to be revisited at some future time. Available for easy review. I need not be too technical about it. 😉




Yummy Vietnamese snacks!


So colorful in Wat Po, Bangkok, Thailand!


Freson Con Nata is the specialty snack here in Aranjuez, Spain. That’s strawberry with real fresh cream for you and moi!



So there. And my G12 has a lovely travel buddy. My iPhone takes pretty good photos too. Yes, it’s good for those days you want to just step out with a fancy belt bag, or no bag. Tucked inside my pocket, I’m able to step out with a few bills and my iPhone. Loving it!






Oh, ok. The iPhone is likewise handy for a few stolen museum shots. (Mi apologia. No flash, of course)





My handbag easily fits a Canon G12, my iPhone, a bottle of water, a chocolate bar, wallet, brush, powder, lipstick, some snacks and a book!