This is not a travel blog. No travel advice here. Rather, this simply chronicles the steps we took and adventures we experienced while setting up house here in Madrid.






As soon as we found the flat, we spent the past few days window shopping, canvassing and actually buying the stuff we need. Easy to get overwhelmed. So, we listed the “must- haves” and “nice to have” stuff.







Where to sleep? We didn’t scrimp on the bed. A long day at the office demands a good bed to spend as much as 8 hours of relaxation. An extra mattress would double that, while keeping a spare for would-be guests without requiring storage space. The sofa easily converts into a bed at night. So that settles it. Nights would be a dream……







Where to eat? This white dining table and 4 chairs should be adequate. Easy to scrub clean. There is that option to string some cushions too, if one wishes. The set matches a trolley cart which can serve many purposes.







Now comes the starter set, along with the pots and pans. These should take care of the kitchen and dining areas. We can actually eat in!







Now, the sad part. Laundry items! If only we can forget about this. How to keep our clothes clean, dry and pressed good to wear. 😦








Alas, we can now deal with the “minor stuff” — items from the supermarket. From food stuff to toiletries. From pots and pans to detergent and fabric softeners. From bed linen to towels to blankets. Haaaaaaay 😦