I kept putting it off. I have this nagging thought that Reina Sofia pales in comparison to Thyssen and Prado. That there isn’t much beyond Guernica. That in all likelihood, I probably wouldn’t even enjoy Guernica as I’m not crazy about abstracts, cubism nor surrealism.






A visit drew an unexpected surprise. Salvador Dali. His “muchachas” paintings soon became my and my niece’s favorites. Somehow, I enjoy the mystery of seeing “backs”, thinking what the sitter is thinking…….. This comes as a big surprise to amateurish me. I mean, dummy that I am when it comes to art, I honestly thought Dali only delved in surrealism. Not my cup of tea. Seeing the muchachas paintings struck a chord in me. I’m sure my niece felt the same way too.






How about you? What do you think are they thinking? Were the sitters pretty? Were the muchachas young, middle-aged or old? How about this painting of another remarkable artist — Balbuena’s Desnudo — in the same hall as Dali’s two muchachas.





I spent so much more time in this hall. Longer than the time I spent viewing the Guernica where there is a thick crowd. Somehow, I feel many just visited to see the Guernica. Well…. It is really all a matter of preference. As for me, I have made up my mind. These 3 paintings rank high in my list.