I’ve seen the Three Sisters in Echo Point more than 3x. The first time, it was all fogged out. The 2nd time, I missed the 3rd sister. After that, all 3 regularly made a show to a point that I nearly grew tired of it. But it’s a mandatory destination if one were bringing first-time visitors. So when there was a chance for another visit, we made sure we checked out the other lookouts.  Armed with the ever-reliable GPS, we searched for other non-touristy gorges and trails.




Three Sisters. Echo Point. Blue Mountains.


Start of. Trek. Take your pick. Be Brave.

So the next time we went, we checked out other lookout points and “attempted” a few walks. There were choices. Like treks to Govetts Leap, Bridal Veil Falls, Evan’s Lookout, Braeside Walk, Grose Valley Walks, Grand Canyon Tracks, Pope’s Glen, Pulpit’s Rock, Horseshoe Falls, etc. We met some looking all perked up for 2 hour walks. Others we found taking the easy route: DRIVE towards the lookout points. We made a quick, easy and smart (?) decision. We drove. 🙂




More walks. More lookout points.


Govetts Leap. No crowds!


We tried. Got as far as the stream. Then we backed up!

I’m not sure the tourist buses get here. Most such buses we found in Echo Point. But if you’re driving , trust your GPS to bring you here. There are signs so even geographically-challenged idiots like us got here. Beat the crowds, have a different take of the Blue Mountains. Explore. Good luck!




Will you? Many choices. (blue Mountains)


Why walk when you can drive to Govetts Leap?


At least we didn’t get lost.


Evans Lookout. Under the tourist radar.