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Friends who know me know that I don’t have much interest in shopping. I do not begrudge those who do, but I’m always armed with a good book (or even a map!) to while away the time while my buddies do the shopping. A good brew or a glass of syrah helps too. My family would always spot a good corner in some cafe or bar where they’d deposit me while they shop.




The Exotic Pates of Africa: Crocodile Meat, Impala, Ostrich, Springbok, Kudu Pate.


Rooibos Tea. No caffeine. Really!



But I’m a sucker for food items. And if they come in small packages, I’d surely knock them off the shelves. Out of Africa and Taste of Africa offered such African delicacies that I couldn’t resist snatching up bags of the caffein-free rooibos tea. Good and healthy. And how about the pâtés from such exotic meats like crocodile, impala, kudu, springbok and ostrich? Yeah, quite a find! These I most certainly need to bring home.




Chair Made With Ostrich Leather!


Benches Made with Ostrich Leather. Love the Blue Color!



Small parcels like those pâtés and local teas are fine. But how about the ostrich leather chair and benches from Berluda? I want those! I probably should have purchased one of those ostrich leather bags or purses instead. But retired that I am, I would likely spend more time on that chair than carry a bag to wherever. And so I left without any ostrich souvenir. 😂




PLEASE> No more biltongs.


Love the colors!


Knysna Quay is a treasure trove of curio shops and coffee bars!



In Knysna Quays, we did some craft shopping. There are nice beadwork to be found here. Matching African neckwear and bracelets. Got a couple of those. In the Elephant Park, there are more souvenir items like magnets, keychains and headwear. If you’re into safari vests and jackets, you’d find some with the words “Cango Wild Ranch” or “Knysna Elephant Park” emblazoned on the chest.




The Knysna Elephant Park Sun Visor (Thanks Beth!)


Refrigerator Magnets, and other souvenirs.



In Hout Bay before our boat ride to the Seals Island, there were street vendors with local handicraft for sale. Bulky souvenirs I call ’em. I’d stick to my small parcels of table delights!




Craft finds in Hout Bay


Wooden Bowls from Hout Bay

Leaving Capetown is an ordeal. It’s heartbreaking to leave a place as lovely and postcard-pretty as Capetown. The sea and mountain sceneries are in perfect harmony here. Whether you are facing the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean, you will be dazzled by these magnificent backgrounds. The coves, where sailboats blow across the waters like toys, pulled by their colorful sails, can render the romantically-challenged quite desperate. Ahem. I can’t count the number of times I listened to the surf of the ocean and heaved a deep sigh in this lovely South African city.




There is much to do in Cape Town. Like revisiting all those places we’ve seen. Its charm drives you to do that.


The sound of the Ocean lulls one to an almost melancholy state. The surge and the spray just in time to wake you from that mindless state.



Off to the farm, the caves, the ranch we go. But first, some serious business. LUNCH. And what perfect pitstop. The R62 Deli in Joubert-Tradauw Wine Estate makes your day. Place is so intimate it makes you feel like you dropped in on your best friend’s for some home-cooked meal. As with many perfect meals, lunch here is simply made with the simplest, freshest ingredients. It leaves just enough room for everyone to indulge in their wines, be it rosé, Sauvignon or shyrah.




I almost grew tired spotting and snapping shots of the rainbow.

The resident mascot of Joubert Tradauw Wine Estate’s R62 Deli



The bean soup reminded me of my best Hungarian goulash somewhere in Eastern Europe, and the salads couldn’t be more Mediterranean. I can stop there, maybe even skip the dessert (a rare occasion) and linger around the wine estate on this pleasantly cool day. The very playful dog (Jacquie?) made everyone feel at home. I bet he’d tag along for a stroll. We also sneaked in and checked the small kitchen where more bean soups stewed, fresh arugulas and fruits ready to compose a salad, a chocolate cake freshly-baked and ready to be sliced.




Freshly-harvested greens and fruits. Straight from the farm. And their wines go well with the Klein Karoo tapas.




I want to remember every detail through an old sepia-colored filter. Call me romantic. Or romantically-challenged? But this tiny place is oozing with charm that even an ordinary brew of coffee would likely taste better.  But wait, hand me that French Chocolate Cake! 



French Chocolate Cake!


At the end of this dining area is the small Mediterranean-style farm kitchen which is open for everyone to step in to check what’s cooking!


I can drink gallons of coffee or tea here.

Been here more than a week and sampled quite a variety of South African delicacies. What stands out though was the oyster and champagne for breakfast we had in Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa. By itself, the breakfasts served here are alright even without the champagne and oysters. But there you go. Luxury. They’re few and far between — ahem — so, why not? Let those flutes clink to good health and a safe journey. Indulge. What a treat!




The succulent oysters for breakfast at Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa


Kudu pies, vegetable salads, boerewors and koeksisters.



Then there are all those biltongs and pies made with minced meat. Not your ordinary minced meat though. I’ve tried kudu and springbok meat, both from the antelope family. Didn’t really like the boerewors sausages nor the very sweet koeksisters dessert, but I do like ostrich meat now and the fresh salads – both vegetables and fruits, freshly harvested from the farm – served us in Berluda Farmhouse and R62 Deli in Joubert-Tradauw Wine Estate. I was so looking forward to lunch at the Two Oceans Restaurant at Cape Point on Day 1 in Capetown but a change of plans landed us in Seaforth in Boulders Beach  instead. View is perfect but lunch could have been better. Well, no big problem a glass of Castle beer won’t cure.




For all the treats on the table, I enjoyed the roasted sweet potatoes (kamote) the most. Those, plus the veg bredie and fruits.


R62 Deli deserves a separate blog. Watch this page! Love their green and fruit salads!


A seafood platter from Seaforth Restaurant in Boulders Beach, just a skip and a hop from the penguins.



And speaking of beers, Mitchell’s is perfect when you dine at Tapas and Oysters in Thesen Island. The coastal oysters are so succulent that one will most certainly ask for more than the “tasting” portion. Tapas consisted of fresh calamari, samosas, shrimps, fries, and an assortment of sauces and dippings. And what better way to cap this lunch but with a stroll along Knysna Quay and a coffee and lemon meringue at Coffee Connection.




Tapas and Oysters live up to its reputation. No pretensions, no frills. Just honest to goodness good and fresh seafood!


Quiche or Bobotie? Ostrich steak or fillet? Springbok is deer or antelope? Doesn’t matter what it’s called so long as it’s good only dear Rosie can make them!



You can’t beat the views at the very exclusive Plettenberg Hotel and Spa. Dining al fresco here is quite an experience. The seafood buffet could have been more fresh though. For someone who loves oysters and shrimps, it was surprising to find myself yearning to get back to Tapas and Oysters for a beer and cowboy lunch.




Unbeatable views at Plettenberg Hotel and Spa!


Coffee and Lemon Meringue Pie at Coffee Connection in Knysna Quay. FTW!



Leaving the cosmopolitan life and into the bush, the Entabeni experience was really more than just the safari. A bush dinner at 9Celsius? Even the constant drum beating and African music can’t keep me warm enough. Nor the camp fires and the red wine. But I love it! Steaks couldn’t have been more rare. And it helps that it’s dark to miss the steak juice (aka blood) oozing out of the carving. There were more sausages and others say the chicken was good. Since I missed the superb steak served in Hyatt Regency Oubaii Hotel in George the night before, I’m going rare tonight! And in the bush!




Aaaaah. Carnivores…… let us celebrate!


How do you want your eggs?



And if you think I can’t have a hearty breakfast after that rare steak dinner the night before, you’re dead wrong. We’re in Africa, baby! On to our safari on full stomachs! 🙂