We’re back from a wonderful family vacay in El Nido. We bucked the typhoon, clutched our life vests tight, sailed on rolling waves and island hopped the whole day. But for one regret, everything was fine…… power failures notwithstanding.




That crack in the limestone wall is the opening to the Small Lagoon. Either you swim through it (water gets deeper as you approach) or kayak your way in.

Miniloc Island’s Small Lagoon was such a pleasant surprise. Off the boat, we waded in waist-deep waters to get through a small opening — where it gets deeper –through which Kayakers breezed through and into the small lagoon. Past this opening, it gets shallower, and then deeper once more and one needs to swim all the way in. Easy to spot the non-swimmers at this point. Life vests identify them. Spot me in my orange vest!




Spot the non-swimmers!



It was delightful to see our teenage girl swimming around the lagoon. While we struggled getting into a tiny cave within the lagoon, she confidently did away with her life vest and had a time of her life. Too bad the low tide and the numerous sea urchins in the Big Lagoon didn’t promise to be another swimming episode for her.




Low Tide in Big Lagoon


Sea Urchins galore!



We waded in knee-deep waters while dragging the boat deeper into the lagoon. Looking back, we were awed by the amazing sight of limestone walls and cliffs through which the waters flowed, calmed down, and sort of settled. Paradise!




Time enough to look back where we passed between 2 cliffs to get inside Big Lagoon.