TDF. To Die For. The kind of food your grandma would cook for you. The type you’d dream about, along with the memories that you fondly recall with each dish. The comfort food you’d miss every so often. Thank God they have them ready — and frozen — in tubs, to stock up at home. So convenient for those lazy days when the kitchen (and the cook) needs a break. And no sweat when uninvited guests surprise you. Surprise them yourselves as you whip up a near-perfect menu for lunch or dinner. Oh, those tubs are heaven-sent. Your mother-in-law will be impressed!


TDF dine-ins can be arranged. A dining area should comfortably seat 8 pax for those intimate luncheons or merienda cenas. One can curate his own meals with a variety of combinations. A selection from among those freezer items that can be warmed up to make a delightful meal. A Pinoy selection may include the refreshing Pinoy salad, fried lumpia ubod, Kare Kare and duck adobo or binagoongang baboy. And yeah, throw in that rellenong bangus for good measure. Or how about the adobong pusit with lechon platter and Bicol express or ginataang santol? It will be quite a chore to limit one’s choices but do bear in mind that any leftovers can be brought home to extend the pleasure! That is to say that you can go ahead and compose a buffet! After all, how can you miss that delicious mechado, caldereta, beef tapa or bopis?

Cheesy Chili Relleno
Mushroom Pasta
Crispy Duck

Going Mediterranean? TDF whips up a dreamy gambas that will shame any Señora, and a chili relleno that oozes with cheese. Boquerones make good starters too. Each pairs well with the duck fried to a crisp. Or you may opt for a more Spanish-themed lengua or bacalhau or callos. Your choice. But surely, a repertoire of all these dishes is very tempting. If ordered in advance, you can even enjoy their signature clam rice that borders between a risotto and a paella. If you’re bringing a bottle of wine (for a minimal corkage), enjoy some of these dishes as appetizers while leaving the rest as entrees. That way, you are able to savor all these favorite offerings.

The shop closes soon after dark so early dinners may well be merienda cenas. You can’t go wrong with an assortment of pasta dishes. From puttanesca to vongole to pomodoro. My personal favourite is the funghi (mushroom) pasta and the meatless cheesy lasagna. They also make superb sandwiches (ham and egg, pastrami, or even burritos) and brace yourself, excellent apple pies, bread pudding, pecan pies, and leche flan which I love to top my halohalo or maiz con hielo.

TDF FOODS is in 1159 Zobel Roxas Street between Dian Street and Espiritu Street. There is parking good for at least 4-5 cars. You may call 09076638540 or 09175142171 to make arrangements or to order food for delivery. Just ask for Vicki or Eugene. Buen Provecho!