Rest your palm on your heart

Feel Mamu in that special spot

Whispering a birthday cheer

Miles away, but no way apart.

Happy birthday, dear Martin

Found your “seat” in OUR park

In freezing weather & icy rain

Don’t let distance be a pain.

Have a good celebration,

Eat my share, as if I was there

I’d have a copa, perhaps a rioja

And raise my glass to cheer ‘ya

We’d pass the same places here

I bet lingering far longer

It’s a girl thing you know

To pause and pose in the snow.

Pretty soon we’d hit the beach

Sandy feet, with a tent to pitch

We’d let the sun kiss our skin

Toasted, y’know what I mean.

Enjoy your last 3 teen years

Time’s a thief, but have no fears

Oh my sweet, giant habibi

Love you, that’s how it’ll always be 💕