There are Scenic walks. And there are Scenic walks. 😀

Sydney, or for that matter, Australia, is teeming with hiking trails, coastal walks, mountain hikes, river walks, harbour side paths, etc. Blessed by Nature. Winters are mild. Spring brings forth many magnificent blooms. Autumn is awesome, and summers are well, hot. How lucky to be an OZ to enjoy these beauties.  Oi Oi Oi!

Spit Bridge was up the time we got there. A motorboat was passing and we had to wait till the lift span was down to cross it. Then we went under it and passed many yachts moored safely by the waters and “lonely benches” looking out to the northern beaches. It was tempting to stop, rest and just stare. I can only imagine how much a piece of Waterfront house fetches here. Gee, those dogs being walked by their masters are darn lucky! 

Nine kilometers sound easy. I wasn’t daunted. But there were a number of boardwalks rising to meet staircases and then downhill footpaths — some narrow and good only for lone hikers — to get back to the beach. I bet summer hikers have their swimsuits on, hiking these trails, ready in an instant to take dips in the beaches. This is ze life! 

Everything is so well-marked, so hiker-friendly. Boardwalks have these lookouts every so often where one is able to view passing ferry boats amidst a beautiful seascape. It was pleasant weather the day we hiked, and autumn leaves litter the ground we walked on. We even saw a wild turkey and many great-looking birds I cannot name.  Birdwatchers would be delighted to do this Scenic Manly Walk. 

We met many joggers and hikers and dog walkers. Nearer the Wharf, there were kids walking with moms and dads and hobby fishermen.  By hike’s end, we rewarded ourselves with a big gourmet burger and premium hot dogs,  then took the ferry back to Circular Quay where we took the train home. On the ferry, we traced the path we took. Awesomeness! 

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