Here’s an excellent pitstop just past Apollo Bay in the Great Otway National Park. By this time, you won’t mind Aussies putting GREAT before Ocean Road, Park, Forest Trail, and don’t forget the Barrier Reef further north. Why? There is absolutely no exaggeration. The Great Ocean Road is todate my best-ever scenic coastal drive. Even better than the Garden Route in Cape Town and the Great Pacific Highway in California. As for Mait’s Rest Rainforest, I say it’s not the best but a GREAT break if you’re doing the GOR drive. Besides, we all need this oxygen bar to recharge.

20140527-072858-26938843.jpg 20140527-072947-26987192.jpg

The walk is short but not short on finds. Easy to navigate on wooden boardwalk meandering through tree-fern gullies. And don’t forget the 300-year old rainforest trees with moss-covered roots. So glad it didn’t rain the day we visited. Not sure if it would have been as pleasant with mud on your boots. Mushrooms sprouting on ancient tree barks remind me of a fav TV series of yesteryears, Twilight Zone 🙂 Though the walk is no more than a kilometer, I wouldn’t want to be left alone here. Inside, the silence soothes the nerves. Sure. But as our feet trod over dry autumn leaves, I can’t help thinking SNAKES. Maybe it’s just me. But I really hate to think how those reptiles slide over those moss-covered trunks, roots, barks and twigs.



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In another section of the national park, we spotted a couple of koalas snoozing between tree barks, and some colorful birds. No kangaroos. But really beautiful, gentle creatures. I love seeing them fly, chirp, cling to the trees, etc. Just no sliding, hizzing creatures for moí. Please, no such slimy reptiles while I’m around. 😦 



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