He topped the charts in at least 15 countries and is still hitting it with his signature Gangnam Style song and dance routine. So LSS that almost every kid in my country readily jumps at the song’s first few bars. And when that happens, be sure the adults will soon join the fray. Ewwww, my not so little elves would say.




As my friends said……..the “land of cuteness”. Right, Fely?



K Fashion. K Pop. I look at young men and stare mindlessly, trying to figure out their hairdo. Curly tops, bangs way over one eye, neon shorts and pants. Whoa, so …….. What else, Korean!




The elves would love shopping here!


Look at the facade. The displays. So Korean!



Retail therapy at its best. There’s more. Walks across the night markets of Myeongdong or just strolling past underground stalls in subway stations make you forget the time or take the right exits!




View from Coffee Bean at the 2nd floor of our Nine Tree Hotel.


More shops. Such retail therapy!



Day or night, rain or shine, those cute-sy shops can easily take half a day. Or the whole night. You go at your wits’ ends too choosing where to eat. We tried some of the street food and toyed with the idea of shopping for plastic containers to bring some home!




Frankly, we never tried it. But smells good, must taste good. By the time we’ve decided we’d try it, he was gone!


These I’ve tried. Sneaked in a couple while having breakfast coffee at Coffee Bean!



Psy, Gangnam, K-Pop, Gwiyomi, and more. Trust the Koreans for mastering the art of branding! More than that, they truly patronize their own products. Samsung tablets not iPads, Hyundai not Toyota, etc. Psy may not be a looker but hey, he conquered the world with his Gangnam song & dance! Korea ❤ — a nation getting a lot of world attention on all fronts.




Oh, Psy. How you’ve conquered the world!