I have confirmed bookings with Agoda under ID 28773745 as detailed below:


Hotel: Hotel MANU
Room Type: 2 Standard Twin Rooms for 4 adults
City/Country: Seoul/South Korea
Arrival: May 26, 2013
Departure: May 28, 2013
Payment Mode: Via PayPal


On May 9, 2013 I got a call from Hotel Manu that the hotel is overbooked and cannot accommodate me. I do not know how the hotel obtained my contact details but I contacted Agoda instead which offered Nine Tree Myeong-dong Hotel as alternative hotel. I accepted and looked forward to new hotel vouchers issued in my favor. It never happened. Despite a day-long email exchange and communication with at least 8 Customer Support Specialists from May 9-10, 2013, my frustrations piled up because Agoda insisted that I should make NEW bookings myself with Nine Tree Hotel and then just wait for my refund “for the room rate differentials”, without much explanation how I can be refunded for the 1st booking which Hotel Manu won’t honor.


As a paying customer in good faith, I wonder how and why it took over a month and nearer to my departure date to be informed that the Agoda-issued hotel vouchers cannot be honored. Worse, I have to arrange for the alternative bookings myself and suffer a 2nd charge on my credit card on the “vague” promise that I will be refunded. Nothing is clear. Nothing was resolved.


My patience is growing thin. But it isn’t easy to throw away US$418.52. Neither is it easy communicating with different customer support specialists who would take turns raising your hope, dashing your expectations and then leaving you spent and frustrated.


Day is almost over. I am still averse offering my credit card details. I mean, that explains why i use PayPal, right? More so now after this experience. I wonder how this episode ends. Hard lessons with an international brand like Agoda. People would still use them,for sure. Me? Need you ask?



I won’t ever trust you ever again, Agoda!