Believe it or not, I have a very uneventful life when I’m back in the city, especially after a holiday. My room is my refuge. No, my sanctuary. Waking up late is a luxury I indulge in. And those mornings I wake up early and unintentionally (is it really age that turns up our body clock earlier than desired?), I putter around my room like a headless chicken. As soon as I take my morning pills and after saying my thanksgiving prayers for preserving me through the night, I get busy with my coffee.




First Chore of the Day



I take pains preparing my coffee. Seriously. My friends gift me with bags of coffee BEANS (not ground coffee!) and past Christmas, I still have a couple of bags to grind and brew. As my coffee machine whirls to a familiar hum, I upload old photos to my Flickr account. It’s been awhile.




Uploading in my Flickr account. All that for posterity!



It’s a good way to beat holiday hangovers. The sun and sands of Palawan still fill my mind, and travel plans for 2013 bug me like a bee. But these photos….. They reminded me of my romance with doors and windows. It’s a never-ending affair . Guess I love the sense of knowing there’s something — almost like a mystery — behind the doors and windows. Pretty much how I feel starting this new year 2013. Que Sera, Sera.




A Door in Casa Batllo in Barcelona, Spain


If you’re in Casa Batllo, Gaudi’s windows cannot be missed!


Door to one of the stalls in The Collective. Malugay Street. Makati.


Imagine looking out these arched windows like a monarch. Segovia Alcazar. Spain.



Flickr uploading proceeds on cue as the machine grinds the beans. As brewing starts, I press to upload more pics. Before the cup is drained of my favorite bev, the photos are done. Before hitting the showers, I’ve decided how the day would play out. It should be another fine, boring day. 




Door to a Nunnery in Bhutan.


Door to A Crypt in Almudena Cathedral. Madrid, Spain.