Ready for the farm? This city girl surprisingly made it through a very wet 2-night stay in an ostrich farm run by a septuagenarian by the name of Rosie and her charming family.




It’s the farmhouse transport system, ei?




Coming here is like coming home. Like a home in the range.


Home, home on the range,

Where the deer and the antelope play;

Where seldom is heard a discouraging word

And the skies are not cloudy all day.


But the skies were cloudy. It rained the couple of days we were here. Just the same, we felt so at home especially when Rosie takes charge and refuses to serve dinner till everyone is present. Rosie cooks a mean feast. Her springbok pie with its drippings for gravy poured over steaming rice is “to die for”. I had 2 servings and made sure I cleaned out my plate lest Rosie calls my attention. Soooo….. Not a morsel of food left on my plate!




Springbok Pie. Spring = jump. Bok = antelope or goat.


What’s a springbok? Spring means “jump” and “bok” means antelope or goat. It’s a brown and white gazelle from the south and southwestern part of South Africa. Is it a deer or an antelope? Honestly, I don’t know. But here’s how it looks before Rosie decided to make it our dinner.




Springbok. Before it became dinner 😦



And here’s more. Rosie proudly announced that our dinner was hunted by her young pre-teen grandson, Jan Henrich. Jan gladly though shyly posed for photos with some of us appreciative diners. And as always, Rosie did her rounds to make sure we are eating well. Imagine your grandma fussing over your dinner, if you will. With the fireplace well-stocked with logs to burn, we lingered over our coffee and desserts. Swell…..




Jan Henrich and his granny, Rosie.





As Berluda Farmhouse is an ostrich farm, we had ostrich pâtés as well as ostrich steaks. You can say I’m a convert now. It helps that I’m not particularly fond of this bird, so I can have my guilt-free dinners. Rosie kept the kitchen staff real busy even when the farmhouse experienced a power failure. For a while then, I worried what she’d serve for dinner. Her quiché didn’t disappoint. Simple meals made with exotic meats and freshly-harvested greens and fruits never disappoint. Same goes for the homemade pâtés and marmalades.




Mashed guava, kiwi and some peaches.


Rosie’s Savoury Quiche!



I would love to post more food photos but it wouldn’t be fair to the resident ostriches, would it? But I’m not about to apologize that this turned out to be a food blog. I’m drooling as I write. Mi apologia.


Was Never Fond of These Birds. But I love their MEAT! And yes, I won’t mind a bag made of ostrich leather.



And here’s what’s left of that ostrich 😉 Y.U.M.




Ostrich Steak for dinner.