The most famous tag line is “this is the southwestern most tip of Africa”. But I remember more the trivia that this is also where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. From Cape Point, one can do a 1 1/2 hour nature trek towards the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve.




Cape of Good Hope


Fish-Eye Image of the Cape where Atlantic Ocean meets Indian Ocean!



I felt like an impressionable teenager when we reached the place. Errr, no. More like “as we drove along Chapman’s Peak“. The bus window was like a slide show of oceans, mountains, and gardens. If you’re lucky, you’d even spot a humpback whale etched on the glassy surface of the Atlantic Ocean as it blows and gushes water up. Aaaaaahhh. And that’s when I heave one deep sigh.




Made in Heaven!


God was busy with his creations here in Capetown!



Brace yourself for more sighs as you view a chaotic mass of wild African plants dotting the landscape. Nature has truly blessed this corner of the world with the rare combination of sea and mountain sceneries and allowed God’s glorious creatures to roam around this Eden. Makes one think. Did Noah’s Ark land here with all those paired animals? (A friend says NO. It landed in Mt. Ararat)




I can live here!


Ostriches completely oblivious to camwhore tourists!



When we reached the Cape of Good Hope, there were some ostriches grazing on the patchy land oblivious to the human intruders. They sure looked like they’re used to tourists all eager for a snapshot behind the signage proclaiming this area as the “southwestern most part of Africa” complete with the relevant latitudes to support that claim. They must have found the human creatures, myself included, really funny. 😄☺😉



Check out those latitudes!


Heave a big sigh for this beauty!



When I scaled the steps towards the Lighthouse in Cape Point, I saw similar latitudinal signs marking Cape Point in relation to Jerusalem, Sydney, New York, etc. The view from here is incredibly breathtaking. (Another sigh…..)



I am just a plain tourist here. No adventurous breaks like cage diving with those sharks, nor the extremely interesting hobby sport of bird watching. But I am so happy with this lucky break. Spotted this raven as I was climbing up to the Lighthouse. It flew just when I got my cam ready for a shot. Voila! Happiness.




There’s the RAVEN sitting contentedly as I scaled the steps.


Did I scare you away?