Which room? The Rest Room. The Toilets. Water Closet. WC. CR. Comfort Room. Ladies Room . (Sorry, can’t check out the Men’s Room). By whatever title it’s called. By however it is named. This all important room gives away a lot. Oh yeah. Kid you not. Show me this Very Important Room (V.I.R.), and I’d tell ya what place you’ve been to.



The Window Looks Out to the Canals of Venice 😉



Back when I was in Germany, I found one that says “Hansel” and “Gretel”. Guess what. I waited with crossed knees for others to make the trip, before making my entrance. Why? I couldn’t remember which of Hansel and Gretel is the girl. It could have been an easy chore if it were named “Jack” and “Jill”. But nah……Hansel and Gretel it was. Another time, I stayed in a B&B in Venice that didn’t look much from the outside. But I got hooked as soon as I saw that the V.I.R. had a window looking out to that famous canal where the melody of O Sole Mio wafts in the air as one makes that all important body function. So there. From then on, I have paid more attention to this Very Important Room (my V.I.R.).



Well, it’s clean.



Years ago, it was enough to have them clean. Working water closets. Mostly all white. Then, the more modern places started sporting livelier colors. Pink. Sky Blue. Sunshine Yellow. Neon Green. They even started growing plants in that V.I.R. And started hanging paintings or drawings to brighten up the walls.



Antonio’s @Tagaytay



These days, they occupy more space. Some even have wide open windows. Wide enough for one to think twice before making full use of those precious seats. Obviously, those wide windows open up to either a garden, a body of water, or the mountains. No chance of a peeping Tom lurking around. (Though one is never sure, of course.)



Panglao Island Nature Resort @Bohol

Chateau Hestia @Tagaytay



Whenever we go to some fancy restaurant or hotel, I make it a point to visit the V.I.R. It says a lot about the place, don’t you think? Frankly, they should pay as much attention here as they would to their kitchen and dining areas. Especially if the meal is served over a 2hour period. For sure, a trip to the V.I.R. is inevitable.


So, how did these fancy and not so fancy dining outlets fare? You tell me!