They do it for a living. I dare not say “begging artists” simply because they don’t. They offer their artistry, and one is encouraged to “donate” out of appreciation. Mind you, there is pride in their work too.






Right in Puerta del Sol, you’d find lots of them buskers. In fact, you may be standing right next to one. They may appear like stone, marble or wooden statues…….until they start poking at each other, bow, or turn towards you.







There was one busker I saw almost everyday, in various places. Once at Puerta del Sol. The next time in Plaza del Oriente near Palacio Real, the 3rd time as I was waiting for my metro ride!







More than just song and dance numbers, some of these artists play mime, display motor skills with their skateboards or roller blades, make beautiful music with crystal glasses, dress up like Hollywood celebrities, strum their guitars or sing opera songs. You find them in plazas, theatre areas, parks, inside the metro stations, or even inside the trains !








Then, of course, there are those who are not as creative……