I remember this episode last year. Max’s Chicken Eat All U Can was more like entering some competition  (piling up all those chicken bones at the center of the table) than simply enjoying this good ol’ fried chicken. When we tried this last year, I wanted to give up after the 2nd drumstick.  For some reason, I felt “pressured” and thus engaged in stressful eating :))

Stripped to the Bones (*Burp)

The promo period made a comeback, but I remembered it just when the promo’s over! Talk about senior moments.  The prospect of unli-feeding got me dreaming and drooling despite my sorry episode last year.  But all’s well, as we discovered there is so much more than just  fried chicken in Max’s.  And I’m not talking about the other viands.  I’m talking about their  D.E.S.S.E.R.T.S. and S.H.A.K.E.S.

Of course, topping the list is the Max’s Halo Halo.  Who can resist this, especially during the summer season?  You may find a cheaper halo-halo, but at P90 I am not complaining!

Halo Halo

Then, there is the buko pandan.

Buko Pandan

You also have a good range of fruit shakes to choose from.

Shake it up!

And how about the Ube Panacotta, my new favorite?  Too bad I forgot to take a photo.  I admire the patience and willpower of those who are able to wait, snap a photo, then eat.  As for me, “ATTACK” is the more appropriate word. Then, we remember .  So there you are, all bones and just photos of photos.  Lol.

(Added a photo of the Ube Panacotta, which I had, the last time we ate at Max’s.  Yum !)

I remembered to wait before eating this yummy Ube Panacotta!

Guess Which Max's Branch Is This?

Inside Max's Restaurant

Disclaimer:  This post is def not sponsored by Max’s.  We simply never grow tired of the place, be it in Manila or in the provinces.  But if anyone from Max’s is reading this post,  I keep an open mind .  Call me! :))