So, there’s a typhoon?  I looked out the window of our hotel in Legazpi City and Mount Mayon beckoned in all her majesty. No hiding behind clouds.  Sun’s up,  and you can view the entire volcano.  Pretty sight.  It wasn’t even raining today!  By the time we packed our bags to leave towards Naga ,  we made a mental note of returning to this hotel if we don’t find any decent lodgings in CWC or in Naga.  I know, it is a good hour’s drive.  But hey, we are on vacay! Surely, we can go back and forth wherever our hearts take us.



I grew frustrated trying to book a family trailer in Camsur Water Complex (CWC) in Pili near Naga City.   I have heard so much about the place attracting such an international crowd that I logically assumed it would be of global standards.   The photos of CWC were so inviting even for non-wakeboarders like us.  Plus : It should be a novelty sleeping in a transformed container van.  And it would be a thrill to try wakeboarding too.   But dealing with the Reservations Desk was an ordeal. (Calling Governor L. Ray!)


A good book, bed weather, a bottle of beer, a cool breeze. The pool can wait!


I made online inquiries and finding that there is a family trailer available even for one night (I tried booking for 2 nights),  I labored to book it on that free night.  Five e-mails.  A couple of calls.  Several text messages to their published mobile number.  I got 2 replies, each one saying a family trailer is available for one night.  I kept repeating that I was actually BOOKING it.   How frustrating.  How tiring.  Lost all energy.  I gave up.  Thought we’d just try our luck when we get to Pili, Camsur.



As it turned out,  Typhoon Signal #2 in Bicol Region was a blessing in disguise.  No problem. Just Opportunities.   Many cancelled their bookings.  The scheduled Beauty Pageant to be held in CWC may even be cancelled at the last minute , depending on how the weather conditions improve or deteriorate.  Imagine finding these ladies in their bikinis (woot! woot!) ,  all made-up,  hair carefully permed ,  walking around in their silver high heeled sandals.  🙂



So we found ourselves reaching CWC and learning we can have the family trailer van for 2 nights. Yey! We were happy, even if the lady behind the Desk didn’t look happy to have us.  (Calling Gov. L-Ray…..)  The Family Trailer looked just the way I expected it.  The children expected it to have wheels though.  :))   The vans were painted blue, green or red.  We got the red one.   The painting is almost faded,  and the kitchen cupboards are in dire need of repair.  Who said this CWC place is new?   The entire place looks nice. Up close though,  your heart breaks that the place may not look as good if the property is not managed well. And they sure have an issue with ants all over the place.   A stray cat even visited us the following morning, whom the kids fed.  Nicknamed “Bob”,  he was our pet for 2 days.


No takers?


We checked out the Lago del Rey.  No one’s wakeboarding.  Who would?  Everyone is expecting the typhoon to hit land anytime now.   Armed with a good book,  I soon took over a corner from where I enjoyed reading with a bottle of beer and a cool breeze.   Lights were dimmed in this area, even if they call it a dining place.  So I just concentrated on my drink instead.  At least the waiting staff here were very friendly and efficient.  Their pizza, grilled vegetable salad,  barbeque,  and whatever else we ordered were good.  I am pleased.  Pleased enough to forget my reservations ordeal and  “not-so-warm welcome”. Before long, I found myself heading for those huts for a good rub. On a rainy afternoon, what beats that?



When we got back to our trailer home,  my niece and nephew-in-law got ready to sleep in the “Master’s Bedroom” while my 2 grandchildren each took over the twin beds on the other end of the trailer van. Each one of them too excited to sleep ALONE on their bunk.   Where does that leave their doting grandma? Poor Mamu  😦



And so it was agreed that Mamu will sleep with the not-so-little girl the first night,  and with the not-so-little boy the 2nd night.  Problem solved.


Goodbye, Bob the Cat